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Highgate House (or Kim’s Dream House)

Posted on Mon, 3 Apr 2023 by KiM

This Grade II north London family home is a ‘masterclass in distinctive detail’ (House & Garden, David Nicholls). From the extraordinary gothic exterior to the unexpected interplay of light, colour, and rich materiality in the interior, this project demonstrates the unique approach and vision of the studio. A full restoration, decoration and furnishing project stands testament to the relationship between designers, client and restorer. With a focus on creating an environment that reflected the interests and tastes of the client, with inspirations from their studies, travels and collections, this project at its core is a home with memories at its heart which has resulted in a profoundly poetic space.

Gimme all the gothic architecture! This house really is my dream home and I can barely contain myself with the exterior much less how gorgeous those gothic windows are from the interior. DYING. Highgate house designed by Maddux Creative. Photos: Paul Massey

Earthy modern in the Rocky Mountains

Posted on Mon, 3 Apr 2023 by KiM

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, this wonderful weekend home is a study of earthy neutrals and a modern, somewhat minimalist aesthetic. It’s a really warm and cozy space that is everything you need in both the summer and winter months with many windows affording lovely views of trees and mountains. Design: David Frazier; styling: Blake Weeks; photos: Gieves Anderson.

A 300 year old barn is transformed into a weekend retreat that is modern, minimal and really REALLY cool. I’m dreamy about this kind of rustic/modern/industrial/loft space for as long as I can remember. By Studio Todd Raymond. (Photos: Adrian Gaut)

Stone House

Posted on Mon, 20 Feb 2023 by KiM

I love the rustic, cottage/farmhouse look and feel of this home in the Hudson Valley. It is an amalgamation of an 18th century farmhouse, a wood Civil War–era residence and a 3 story addition. Together it almost looks like a little village and they blend together really beautifully in this very picturesque, 56 acre property. And that kitchen is massive and an absolute dream! By BarlisWedlick. (Photos: Joshua McHugh)

A converted church in Sydney

Posted on Mon, 20 Feb 2023 by KiM

Once a community church, and later, a theatre, The Church, has been renovated into a 3 level contemporary home, while providing a sympathetic adaptation to a historic building. Heritage listed, the brick and sandstone façade is preserved to the public elevations. It’s legacy lives on to frame the progressive lifestyle of our clients.
One of my favourite church conversions we’ve posted, particularly for that picture perfect view standing back looking at the kitchen. Hallelujah!
Architecture/Design: Michiru Higginbotham; Builder: Straightup Build; Architect in Association – ARC Architects; Photos: Katherine Lu; Styling: Holly Irvine