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Alia Bengana latest – part 1

Posted on Thu, 21 Feb 2013 by KiM

I was super excited to have a couple of emails in my inbox from Alia Bengana, a Parisian architect whose work I’ve featured before (here and here). She sent along some info and photos of 2 of her latest projects. I love the angles in this one and the divine architectural details. 
This apartment was a classical ‘bourgeois’ Paris apartment with a big entrance and a small dark kitchen far from the living room. The main idea was to extend the kitchen to the “too big” entrance and open it, in order  to become the heart of the apartment with the book shelves and piano place on one side and kitchen with dining room on the other side. The clients wanted an open-closed space, so an internal custom made window in between the kitchen and entrance was proposed as solution to their needs. The window, book shelves and kitchen were all custom made with the same materials, natural oak, white lacquered mdf, and white corian. The idea was to read clearly the renovated spaces that where dramatically redesigned, and the spaces that were left unchanged as the living room. The kitchen table in oak and corian was designed as well to fit perfectly in the dining area. This entrance become a lively place : while playing piano coexist with cooking or dinning, and the kitchen, thanks to the window benefits now from the light of the living room. Custom made furniture where designed in the same materials in the master bedroom as well as a floor to ceiling cupboard that includes a hidden door that leads to a dressing room open to the master bedroom bathroom. Classical mouldings that were originally on the walls were continued on the cupboard but with a humoristic change, one of the moulding seems to fall! (I need to copy this!!!) The rest of the apartments includes the rooms of the children, two girls that share a common bathroom, simple asymmetric shelves were designed in lacquered mdf as well. 

A home in Slovakia

Posted on Tue, 5 Feb 2013 by KiM

A Slovakian reader named Michaela emailed us about this home in Orava, Slovakia that was featured recently on ArchDaily. Designed by A.LT architekti, this structure is modern architecture inspired by traditional country homes of the area, and fits into the picturesque surroundings beautifully. (Photos by Tomas Rasl)

A converted barn

Posted on Tue, 5 Feb 2013 by KiM

WOW – check out this converted barn by architect Dannis Wedlick in upstate New York that photographer Michael Grimm sent over. I think my love for rustic spaces just increased ten fold. And forget my dream of wanting to live in a converted loft – make that a converted barn!

(See previous posts of Michael’s work here and here)

Bach on the bay

Posted on Tue, 5 Feb 2013 by midcenturyjo

A simple family holiday home at Shoal Bay on the rugged coastline that is New Zealand’s southern Hawkes Bay. An unpretentious bach, the beach side shelter that the kiwis do so well. This is a holiday home where sand is trekked in and wet swim suits are the norm. Sliding screens provide shelter from the changing winds and decks between pavilions allow the sun to shine in and cosy spots to be in yet out. A house that has a sense of place, of past, of person, of purpose. A house by Wellington-based Parsonson Architects.





North Fitzroy House

Posted on Wed, 23 Jan 2013 by midcenturyjo

This North Fitzroy, Melbourne extension is unapologetically new. The original house is Edwardian era but the contemporary double height addition with an emphasis on glass allows the light to filter into the space, opening out and extending the spaces. (Love the ribbon of louvers that repeats around the house.) The loft bedroom looks down on kitchen, dining and living areas that focus on the rawness of the building materials to provide interest and stimulation. Unique, functional, elegantly spare. By AM. Architecture.