Old cane and a rustic trunk

Posted on Wed, 28 Jun 2017 by midcenturyjo

Old cane (rattan) furniture is my kryptonite. I love to take an unloved (and hopefully unpainted) piece and bring it back to life. I found this Art Deco era chair at @thevintageadvantage1 or rather my husband did.

It’s amazing what a good wash, lots of light sanding, some gluing, replacing broken binding cane and a coat or two of shellac can do for a piece. Look at it now!

I know the easy way to give this chair a new lease of life would have been just to paint it and skip most of the tedious prep work and I have been guilty of doing that in years past but the challenge for me now is to restore pieces back towards what they originally looked like. The whole job took me about a month of off and on work every few days.

The second piece I’ve worked on took far less time. I brouught this old chest back to life in a weekend. As much as I love Mission Brown paint (and believe me I do love all sorts of brown) I wanted to strip it back and oil it to show the wood grain. The hinges, lock and nails on this thing are all handmade and the piece has some age but I don’t know its history. I slapped on some citrus paint stripper, scraped it back, washed it off and oiled and buffed it up with Danish oil.

I love the end result. Warm and tactile and full of history just like I like my old furniture. Can’t wait to get my hands on more pieces to work on.