I love this time of year. Winter is almost over. The days are getting warmer. Spring is almost here. Nothing better than to sit in the sun and share a cup of tea with Portia and Bubba our Sun Conures. There’s nothing that a parrot loves more than a nice cup of tea … except a nice cup of tea and a piece of toast.

Portia (the girl) on the left. Bubba (the boy) on the right.

Out from the shadows behind my head. Hello Bubba. He likes to chew ear lobes. I like it when he doesn’t.

Hello Portia. So pretty and such a sweet character. She likes to pull hairs. I like it when she doesn’t. Just a couple more shots of Portia. Took these with my iPhone. No filters. Sun Conures really are that bright.

Collections #2

Posted on Tue, 28 Jul 2015 by midcenturyjo

To polish or not to polish? That is the question.

Collections #1

Posted on Thu, 23 Jul 2015 by midcenturyjo

I’ve been photographing my collections for a long neglected side project. More details soon.

New around the house

Posted on Sat, 14 Feb 2015 by midcenturyjo

I may not have posted much here lately but you wouldn’t have to be a genius to know that I’m still thrifting, still haunting secondhand and antique shops for those special little treasures. Here’s what I’ve dragged home lately.

Found this lovely old 2 piece pink and green enamel cistern and basin at The Vintage Advantage. French, 19th century, in working condition. It will eventually go outside when the gutters are replaced, the walls are painted, a pergola has gone up and the garden has grown some more. Ha! Sounds like a long time. I’ll tell the story of how we have no money to continue renovations another time 😉 In the meantime this little sweetie is sitting in the breeze way. Maybe I’ll hang it there. See the cane wrapped, leather strapped water bottle next to it? That’s a vintage holy water bottle from Lourdes. 1950s we think. Still full of the “blessed” water. The rubber seal has perished shut. Won’t mean much to most but to an ex-catholic, religious kitsch loving atheist like me it’s a gas. Not new but I don’t think I’ve shared it before.

Crappy iPhone photos I’m sorry but I never seem to have my camera to hand these days. Grab the phone and shoot except my phone is a bit dodgy in low light. Bright light no probs. Like here where I’ve snapped my latest white West German pottery vase, a present from the lovely Katherine from The Old Boathouse. Bright light crisp white. Love. Couldn’t resist a night snap after I had moved a lamp, a pen and ink drawing of mine and pulled the African mask over to “vignette it up”. The cabinet is a red cedar wash stand from a judge’s chamber in the old courts in Brisbane and the surveyor’s sticks have been around for a couple of years now. I like how all the graphic elements work together. Can you believe Kelvin wrapped that lampshade frame in rattan strips for me? Clever bugger.

My last find is this tapa cloth. I’ve been hankering after one for ages and finally spotted it in a thrift store this week. It’s over 2m long and I’m planning to stretch it over a canvas and add it to a wall in the living room. More graphic, tribal madness. Layers on layers on layers. That’s my mantra although some of my friends suspect it’s just an excuse for hoarding. In years to come when the paramedics and firemen rescue me from under a collapsed pile of crap in a room with barely a path through they’ll find me muttering “layers on layers on layers.”

My house through other eyes

Posted on Fri, 13 Dec 2013 by midcenturyjo

Denmark Hill – Desire to Inspire – Jo’s home. Photo – Elizabeth Santillan www.walkamongthehomes.com.au

I know I have been very slack around here. I don’t post on this page very often it’s true. I could promise that this is about to change but I won’t so I don’t feel bad when I break my promise 😉 I know you want to see more of my home so today I will share with you my home through someone else’s eyes.

Denmark Hill – Desire to Inspire – Jo’s home. Photo – Elizabeth Santillan www.walkamongthehomes.com.au

A few weeks back Elizabeth from walk among the homes came to photograph my house and she has the first part of the tour live on her blog. It is so strange to see how someone else sees my home. Head on over and say hi. She’s covering the ground floor this week with upstairs to come soon. Thanks Elizabeth. I love your photos!

P.S. Most of the green has gone from the breezeway. I’ve been painting it white. And the good news is that in the new year, fingers crossed, we get new cabinets and benchtops in the kitchen! Oh I hope I haven’t jinxed myself saying that!