Some of the neighbours

Posted on Wed, 31 Aug 2016 by midcenturyjo

It’s easy to see on my morning walk that I live in the oldest part of my city. Established as a penal settlement in the 1826 Ipswich was opened to free settlers in 1839. The earliest surviving homes are from the 1850s. That’s Ginn Cottage above said to be the oldest home left standing while the house below is from the same period. Mine was built sometime in the early 1860s. The leadlight window above the front door says 1860 but I’ve read accounts that have put it as late as 1864. Enough history. Just thought you’d like to see some of my neighbours. There are many more beautiful examples, some quite grand, in the surrounding streets. I’ll try to snap some more pictures on my walks. I just feel a little conspicuous standing out the front of strangers’ houses even with my iPhone 🙂

How did that happen?

Posted on Tue, 30 Aug 2016 by midcenturyjo

It’s been months since I posted on this page. I know I have been crazy busy but honestly that’s no excuse. I promise to be better. I really do. Here are a few photos from around the house where things haven’t changed much. There are big plans afoot for starting to paint the exterior and install a new kitchen. I had hoped to stretch my renovation budget to include a new bathroom but serious rising damp issues have come up and money to install a drainage system must be found instead. More on my plans soon.

I sent my beni ourain out to be cleaned (Rug Wash at Richlands – cannot reccommend them enough!) and it was only when I took these pictures did I realise that the rug wasn’t centred in the room. How did I not notice that there is a chair and a side table floating out on the tiles all on their lonesome? Needless to say that I got down on my hands and knees and dragged that bloody heavy rug back into the right position after I took these snaps. I feel so much better now.

Collections #14

Posted on Mon, 11 Jan 2016 by midcenturyjo

Bingo! Old lead flower flogs and vintage bingo cards. I have a thing for paper ephemera and find these frogs great for holding all sorts of things for a temporary/pop-up display.

Collections #13

Posted on Sat, 5 Dec 2015 by midcenturyjo

Vintage copper and brass platters.

Random kitchen things

Posted on Mon, 30 Nov 2015 by midcenturyjo

After all this time (5 years) I’m still living with my old kitchen. We tarted it up as best we could. Paint on the walls, a vintage Penguin book cover feature wall, painted the cupboards, hang some old glass lights and covered the stained laminate benches with plywood but it’s starting to get a little tired. I know exactly what I would do if money was no problem but things are a bit tight at the moment. I have plans for a simple renovation in the meantime. It involves IKEA carcasses, a stone counter top, new sink and taps and a long zinc topped table as workbench and a place to eat. No upper cabinets but I will need a stainless steel rangehood. Eventually the bathroom next door will move down into the stables and the laundry will move up to the bathroom and be part of a butler’s pantry. Confused? I’m not. I’ve been planning this for years.