The mesmerizing art of Whitney Lewis-Smith

Posted on Sun, 19 Apr 2020 by KiM

I first heard about local Ottawa artist Whitney Lewis-Smith through my favourite Ottawa interior designer Henrietta Southam. I won’t go into the details of her photographic art – you can read about it here and PLEASE watch this video. These photos from her portfolio speak volumes. I’d loooooooooove to have one of these hanging in my house.

Henrietta has a piece hanging in her new dining room:


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One of a designer’s main problem is overthinking their own design process. While we have no problem analyzing your needs and making your dream spaces come to life, our own homes often feel like Petri dishes of jumbled jumping jack ideas. Landing the circus flea is quite difficult. Sticking with the critter is most times emotionally excruciating. Seeing the light takes longer because we are not floating above it we are knee deep in it. Taking pictures lets us step back and remove ourselves. A simple and deceptive eye-to-brain maneuver that nonetheless works. Shall I let you in on what I see here? What my doubting-Tom bone is itching at? The dowels. They are poplar semi-rounds. I wonder if I should have gone flat and rectangular and stained them a honey-hue with the back wall painted black so as to pop them off more dramatically. The reason I did not was because I wanted my arches to stand out. The over arching goal was pared down simplicity. Going against my fussy grain. Going against my natural inner colorist. Basically just going against. “Going against the grain” is a way to push your boundaries, step out of the square, expand, fail and ultimately..learn. The darn arches are not as of yet finished. When they are you will be the first to see them. Maybe then this flea will stop chirping in my head. • • • #curvedwalls #designerhome #creative #nest #organic #interiordesign #beigeaesthetic #tapiowirkkala #goingagainstthegrain #fridaymood #interiorphotography #canadiandesigner #beautyisinthemix @whitneylewissmith #artphotography @rh_modern @wayfair @ikeacanada @atmospherebois

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