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Francesco Lagnese

He joking calls it a disease and an incurable one at that. For our sake let's hope Francesco Lagnese never gets over his urge to aim and shoot his camera. Then we'd be deprived of a prodigious talent. Fabulous portfolio. His personal work is at one moment serious and the next playful. Enjoy.


Simon Brown

There's something about the photography of Simon Brown that I find so captivating. I think it's the intensity in each photo. Even the simple spaces speak volumes.


My kitchen in a mag!!!

I am SO EXCITED to tell y'all that my new kitchen is featured in the October issue of Style at Home mag! YAHOOOOO!! And on two pages! I am so happy that all the work I put into the kitchen and the kitchen blog (with MUCHO thanks to Greentea Design) paid off and I got a little publicity. :-) I finally got my hands on a copy today and scanned it, as seen below, and it's on my Flickr in a readable size. Thanks Style at Home!


More from McGill Design Group

About a year ago I blogged about Toronto-based architecture and interior design firm McGill Design Group. Their work is stunningly beautiful, and encompasses their signature style of "modern simplicity firmly grounded in the classics". I got word that they have a new Facebook page with plenty of photos of past works and works in progress. I picked out some of my favourites. The first several are some before and afters of the incredible transformation of a Victorian.

If that wasn't enough eye-candy, here are more photos from random works.


Monday's pets on furniture

I just saw your post on pets on furniture. Fun pictures! I just snapped this one yesterday so if you like you can use it for the next “pets on furniture” post. This is my 7 year old cat Oliver. As you can see he is right at home on “his” chair.

- Daniel

The attached photo is our English Bulldog Guillo. We’ve got a lovely bamboo bed that, despite it being a king, he pretty much takes over every night. He’s so cute we can’t bring ourselves to move him. ha.

- Susan and Roberto

I always love to see your pet posts! Here is a picture of my best friend-Georgia Belle. She is the world's best cuddler and loves to nap on any piece of furniture. Here she is sitting on the couch cuddling a knit hat.

- Hannah Ryan

Here is my mutt (well one of 3) on my furniture. This is Lulus’ special spot...note, she is such a little poser!

- Anne-Marie

Millie is an Australian currently living in NY (hopefully her Aussieness will swings things in her favour and overcome her less than stylish choice of furniture). If this fails she also does a great glamour pose...

- Lisa

Another photo of one of my herd. This is Mimin, my little princess. She loves to hang out on top of the highest pieces of furniture. This is the armoire in my office. I think she's looking for bugs.