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Little Simmons and Sam

I want to introduce you to the cutest little renovators I've ever seen, Mr Simmons and Sam. Ruth tells the story, "I can't help but email you a couple of photos of kitten and dog during our own renovation. Little Simmons (later known as Mr. Simmons due to his white cuffs and pinstripe suit of fur) could sleep through anything; the sink is set on its back right in the middle of our demo and he slept soundly.) Sam in the sweltering summer heat slumbered on anything as well. My husband is a residential architect in Nashville, and we did our own home with a lot of sweat and help from friends."

The renovation you ask? Wow! A remodeled ranchhouse with a lot of bang for a little buck. Look at the before and after shots! As Ruth emailed, the couple performed much of the work and used several do-it-yourself systems such as Ikea cabinetry and site-glazed windows to further reduce labor costs. Come back in a couple of hours for a full feature on Ruth's über talented husband Marcus.


Just a tad jealous

My "mother-in-law" emailed me some photos while I was making dinner of my "brother-in-law's" new 6 week old miniature dachshund puppy. Could this little guy be any cuter??!! Unfortunately this little sausage of love lives in Prince Edward Island so it'll be a long time before I ever get to meet him (or her? I need details).***Update: It's a boy, named Edward. ?? LOL


Inspiration request

We received an email from someone looking for a bit 'o inspiration: "HELP! I need inspiration. I am redoing a guest room and I want it to have that Indian/Moroccan feel to it with out feeling 'themey'." Not a problem. I went through my stash and found some not overly Indian/Moroccan bedrooms that I think would make beautiful guest rooms. But beware - make it too beautiful and your guests will never leave!

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Jason Martin

Jason Martin describes his style as a "highly edited mix of seemingly opposite styles. Mixing minimalism and whimsical, preppy with bohemian and old world with family friendly, Jason creates very personal spaces for each client." I love bio blurbs especially when they nail it like that. We featured Jason's work back in December when he was pulling his website together and now he has emailed that the site is ready to rock. Look at the goodies there now! These are great rooms with lots of vintage touches and a look that should inspire!


Latest from Wendy Blount

Interior designer Wendy Blount was the topic of a post Jo published back in September. Wendy emailed us the other day to let us know she has updated her website. Less elegant and way more funky with bold and dramatic colours and patterns. Such lively spaces. Thanks so much Wendy for the opportunity to share more of your work!