I love the classic, vintage and timeless feels of this Greenville, South Carolina home designed by Taylor Hill. Playing with the balance of new, old, eclectic and traditional was the name of the game with this project. As a new construction residence in the heart of a historic Greenville neighborhood, the client wanted to be sure their home maintained a cohesive look and feel to its surroundings. We carried this theme from the exterior and throughout the house by blending vibrant textiles and wallpaper, heirloom antiques, contemporary art, and thoughtful architectural details to create a dynamic aesthetic.

(In collaboration with Virginia Lane + Associates, Meadors Inc., and Barron Residential)

More from Big Red Sun

Posted on Thu, 15 Apr 2021 by KiM

Sharing some more love of landscape and garden design studio Big Red Sun. Give me allllllll the succulents!!!

Big Red Sun

Posted on Tue, 13 Apr 2021 by KiM

Big Red Sun is a landscape and garden design studio, plant nursery, and lifestyle boutique located in Venice, California, and I am so happy to have discovered them. Their love of succulents and container gardening is such an inspiration. Makes me wish so badly that I lived in a warmer climate.

A crowd-pleasing Ottawa home

Posted on Tue, 13 Apr 2021 by KiM

There is a design firm here in Ottawa that pops up on my Instagram feed every now and then and it hit me that I should finally feature these talented folks. West of Main aims to create beautiful spaces that complement beautiful lives. Influenced by designs from around the world West of Main can assist clients in developing connections to styles inspired by culture and diversified by texture. With a belief that natural elements possess a timeless beauty, West of Main’s designs combine nature with modern pieces to create a chic, elegant and unique style. This is what everyone seems to be after these days, and why I titled this crowd-pleasing. It works for almost everyone. I’d of course add in some vintage bits and some funky mid-century lighting…..

Furniture/Decor: West of Main, Builder: Glenview Homes

A family’s refuge in the Asturian mountains

Posted on Sun, 11 Apr 2021 by KiM

The weather had been incredible this past week. It seems we skipped spring and went right into summer! I’ve been spending all of my time in the backyard and the greenhouse and I could not be happier, especially as we just started another month long stay-at-home order. Speaking of the outdoors, I spotted this home featured on Nuevo Estilo and it is located among the glorious vegetation of the mountainous region of Spain’s Asturias. The home is light and bright and warm, and the views are magical. What a sweet spot for a family retreat! (Architects: Jaime Gaztelu and Ana Fernández de Mendía; Interior Design: Noel Marichalar and Isabel Taboada of M&T Decoration; Photos: Montse Garriga)