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Wallpaper at 2Modern

I adore wallpaper. I am determined to wallpaper at least one space in my house, probably a bathroom (or both). Turns out 2Modern carries wallpaper from designers such as Fern Living, Graham & Brown and Olli & Lime. When it's time for me to renovate my bathrooms, how would I ever be able to choose one??!! Here are some of my favourites.


Reading guide!

.... a little something I'm working on this weekend.

I know it's a long weekend somewhere in the world. It just has to be. So in honour of that long weekend somewhere in the world here is another reading guide to help you fill all those extra leisure hours. No such luck here. We have to wait till Christmas to sneak some time off. Make yourself a pot of tea and settle in. WINKS next week I promise.


The home of director Roland Emmerich

Back in April I posted about Fluxinteriors, a quirky interior design firm from London. Some of the photos were of the home of director Roland Emmerich. It was featured in the New York Times and it was such a creative and unusual space that I thought it was worthy of another look. The designers were told to make it so that "when the neighbors peek in, they might want to call the police or something." The office desk is made from a wing of a World War II plane. Fluxinteriors had "originally planned to put a life-size waxwork statue of Mr. Emmerich under the stairs. After discussing news coverage of Pope John Paul II's death with Mr. Emmerich, though, he decided it would be much funnier to depict the pope reading his own obituaries." The library coffee table is made of a missile from Iraq. A chair on the terrace was made of Shell oil cans by children in Ghana. Skylights to the living room form the floor. Yep, I'd call that quirky.


Lars Ranek

There's something about light and its meaning to European photographers that I'm only starting to understand. Here in Australia I'm awash in harsh bright tropical light that I take for granted but in places like Denmark light is celebrated during long summer twilights and remembered in candlelit rituals in dark winters. Danish photographer Lars Ranek captures light so beautifully. In simple rooms, with simple compositions his work encapsulates the soft white northern light and shares the Scandinavian way of life. Visit his artwork portfolio while you're at his website and don't miss the food as well. (Sometimes I think I obsess over food photography as much as shots of beautiful rooms.)

Images from Lars Ranek


James Mohn

Domestic, it's a lovely word. I conjures up images if home and family and the everyday. I found it interesting that architectural and interior design firm James Mohn Design Studio uses it in their profile. ".... contemporary domestic environments that are beautifully proportioned, integrated with their site and relevant to their context." Not the word residential as so many websites use. Domestic. Yes James Mohn designs truly beautiful contemporary spaces but more importantly they consider their inhabitants, families and real people.