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I am a stalker ... help me!

OK, OK I'll stop real estate stalking as soon as I share just one more house. Now this one I could move right into. LOVE the art and the sense of space. It's in Melbourne so it has a fabulous city going for it as well. If only my office looked like that first photo. Dreaming again I guess. Now back to designers, stylists and photographers.


Caroline Paterson

London-based Caroline Paterson's design style can be described as versatile and eclectic. Love her use of bold artwork and that bedroom above is to die for. What a perfect shade of yellow - it matches the blog perfectly. ;)


Take a piece off

Remember the fashion/accessory/jewellery maxim of removing one piece before you leave the house? It sprang to mind as I landed at these house while real estate stalking. Bold use of colour and interesting art. High end furniture and fabulous finishes. Is it just me though or does this house need to "take a few pieces off"? Perhaps it just highlights how a professional photographer could have us all swooning about this home while a real estate agent just needs to fit it all in. What do you think?


Retro vignettes

Something a little different this week. The David Hicks Book of Flower Arranging, Introduction by Julia Clements, Marshall Cavendish Publications, 1976. By this stage, according to the dust cover, David had written at least 5 of this style of little book on everything from decoration to "living with taste". A superstar of 60s and 70s design cashing in on his fame? Is nothing new? The book is full of not only lovely and often not so dated flower arrangements but also Hick's beautiful tablescapes. In the middle of winter here I am dreaming of spring!


How delightfull

We received an email from the folks behind Delightfull, a lighting company based in Portugal. In their first collection of 25 pieces, called 'Heritage', they were inspired by design trends of the 50s and 60s. The design and production of their products - totally handcrafted - all happens in Portugal but I checked with them and they do ship internationally. This is how they define Delightfull: "A secret is only fascinating if it can be shared through a flow of words that are capable of shaping something that is nothing but a feeling. Sometimes it feels like a paradox, as the bigger the secret is, the louder you feel like revealing it, so that all may share the rare pleasure of grasping something that is unique and almost untouchable". So totally fabulous...

They also have another line of furniture, lighting and mirrors called Boca Do Lobo and I had to post about this as well because WOW, there are some beautiful pieces that I'd die for.