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easter reading guide - part two

Aaarrrrggghhh! I have eaten too many chocolate bunnies! But I can never have too many new blogs! You know the drill. Maybe new to you, maybe new to me but all a treasure trove of design inspiration. Time for our next installment of easter blog loving.












easter reading guide - part one

Welcome! Welcome! welcome! New blogs to you, newblogs to me. Let's explore. Let's be inspired. Let's share the love. Crack open the first chocolate bunny of the season and start reading. (If you are like me that will be your second chocolate bunny ... or third.)












50 US Architects

We received an email about a new book that has recently been published called 50 US Architects: Residential + Planning. The author, Damir Sinovcic, sent along some info and fab-u-lous photos.

This beautifully illustrated, 11" by 11" volume presents a curated collection of exceptional residential and master planning work from leading American designers. Meticulously detailed and site-specific, the featured projects focus on sustainability, technology, and the human spirit. They reflect ideologies and philosophies that are rooted in the modernist doctrine or distilled from vernacular precedents. Each state in the country is represented with designs that are intended to showcase a sense of place through concept, craftsmanship, and material selection. Demonstrating a profound understanding of local history, natural environments, regional traits, and other site-based factors - such as climate, light, views, and topography - these projects skillfully and creatively reflect their physical and cultural milieus. While individually they express the character of a specific geographic setting or state, together they form a contemporary portrait of exemplary American residential design. The book is available at:

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CR Studio

It's the beginning of a long weekend and I am really stoked to get some stuff done I have been putting off for months (mostly boring stuff, including figuring out what of my crap stuff around the house I want to sell). Jo is on a blog break today but plans to do some readings lists over the weekend, and at some point I will be asking for blog submission for our blogroll so stay tuned for all that (and of course Monday's pets on furniture). In the meantime, how about some modern architecture from New York based firm CR Studio. Nothing to "out there" and modern that is easy to live with - my favourite kind. 

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Love this colour palette