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What to do with exposed brick, pre-war molding, and tin ceilings

We received an email from Stephanie the other day and thought I'd share it here to see if our reader's had some ideas for her.

"I am in the process of closing on a new apartment in Brooklyn! The apartment is completely white now, and I want to do something fun with it. The layout is very open, which isn't totally obvious from the photos, so maybe the color change from room to room shouldn't be too drastic? The middle room (with the huge closet) has no windows, so that might be important to consider. Questions: What is worse, leaving ratty-looking brick exposed, or covering it up with paint (in the kitchen)? How should I deal with the panel molding that covers the entire lower half of the living room (with the blue sofa)? It's the smallest room so I don't want it to feel too disjointed. Warning: the rooms all feel smaller than they look in the photos (damn that fish-eye lens!). Any help would be great!

P.S. The furniture in the pictures is the previous owner's, so no need to match any of that (the photos are from the original listing and taken by a company called VHT, for credit's sake).

I'm sure a lot of good ideas will come from this. That kitchen brick is really in shoddy shape in real life and I think I should paint it, but since it's irreversible I'm nervous. Anyway, the apartment is truly "cozier" than it looks through a fish eye!"

What a fantastic apartment - love the tin ceiling (!!!), the brick fireplace in the bedroom, the open floor plan. Here's my 2 cents. Leave everything white and paint out a wall in each room in an accent colour. That way the white keeps the open spaces unified and flowing into each other, but you get some colour in each space to define them (ie. the wall the bed is on). Judging by the poor condition of the brick in the photo, you should go for it and paint it out. And I'd go bold with that wall. Stephanie had sent a link to this post from Apartment Therapy, which included this photo:

That colour would be AMAZING over the brick. I'd keep the rest of the kitchen white and punch it up with accents in that colour and a bit of red. (Or do the opposite - paint the brick white and the walls/backsplash the yellow). And use a bench like the former owners did - great space saver and emphasizes the brick wall. I was going to say that you could paint the panel molding in the living room but it's right next to the brick wall in the kitchen...so painting that would depend on what you do with the kitchen. I'd maybe leave it white and paint the upper part of the walls (something coordinating with the kitchen colour...a grey maybe). Anyway, I'd love to know what our readers think so comment away everyone!


Lucinda Symmons

Moody blues, brightest lightest white, gradual greys, colour full vibrant colour. UK photographer Lucinda Symons sees a room through her lens and finds the meaning. A shutter snaps closed and there you have it, the inspiration, the look. The images are simple yet tell it all. Favourite? The moody room above.


Flickr finds - trays



... kitty doily for Kim. Kitsch and cute!

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Be still my beating heart! So beautiful, so vibrant. New and exclusive to Designer Rugs is the Easton Pearson collection. Brisbane-based and internationally renowned fashion designers Lydia Pearson and Pamela Easton have brought their passion for textiles and design to a new medium, these gorgeous rugs.

  • I know I know! Christmas ideas already? I loved Aaron R Thomas' lucite christmas tree when I saw it a couple of years ago and OMG I schemed and schemed to get one just like it. Well it's available here. Problem solved!

  • Fusing art and design is Rome-based lighting brand In-es.artdesign. Think industrial designer meets traditional artisan producing stunning statement pieces. It's like moon gazing.

  • Caviar20 - specializing in unique 20th century furniture, art & objects. Delicious little morsels. Here are my favourites.

  • Don't you just love the colours of the Breakfast range by Brissi! Storm grey, white and taupe. I'm already planning boiled eggs and toast soldiers and big mugs of tea, crisp linen napkins, newspapers and a sunny spot.

  • OK couldn't resist. I'm ending with more christmas goodies. Lovely handmade doves by Kylie for paper boat press. Oh and Kylie will be at the Finders Keepers Market next weekend at the Old Museum here in Brisbane. Maybe I'll see you there. Too much fabulousless from new designers and artists. (Sydney to come soon.) Details here.


Bedroom vanities

We recently received an email from Natasha with the following request: "I'm just wondering if you can do a post on bedroom vanities for some inspiration - preferably ones with a mirror (not necessarily attached). I love the antique + glamorous style but I also love simple, steamlined, and functional. Some of the main colours in my room right now are ivory, silver, and antique gold." My personal favourite for bedroom vanities are small mirrored desks/tables for some sparkle and glam with a vintage mirror from the 40s hanging above. I did seem to have a hard time finding vanity photos in my stash - I guess they aren't as popular as they used to be. And the ones I did find seem to be on the sort of french/country side and almost completely absent from more modern bedrooms. But below is a selection I did find - hope this inspires you Natasha.

UdomHomes & Gardens
Tori GolubLiving Etc.
Atlanta Homes & LifestylesCountry Home
Katie Sellerscar möbel

Sköna hemLucyina Moodie

Kate Hume

Oak Management

Lucyina Moodie

Zownir Locations

Graham and Green
Traditional Home

Max von Eicken

Living Etc.

Living Etc.

The following is a creative idea for a vanity. Take an old metal desk (imagine the black glass in the photo is where the chair pulls up), sand off the old paint down to the metal, and add a funky mid-century chair or an antique boudoir stool, hang an ornate mirror above and you've got the funkiest vanity around.

Kishani Perera