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Russell Smith

Dear Mr Smith,

I am writing to let you know how much I admire your body of work. I love what you do with a camera. Down right sexy. Out and out bad in a good way. I'm captivated and intrigued by the world you see through your lens. I want to rip a hole in my computer screen and walk right in. Please forgive me for this unsolicited adoration but hell you are a damn fine photographer. That's it. That's all. Thanks for reading Russell Smith.


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New book!

I was stoked to get my hands on a new book (out November 1st, from Clarkson Potter) by Celerie Kemble called Black and White (And a Bit in Between). Being a HUGE fan of black and white decor, this book was completely for me. It's got a bit of everything, from classic to rustic to über modern. And I was pleasantly surprised to find some of my favourite black and white spaces - including photo #3 below (which Celerie also loves, as she has had it hung above her desk for years). There's even a photo of Celerie's to-die-for bathroom (photo #2 below). This book is a keeper, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a love for this colour scheme. Get yourself a copy here or here (among others).

For Celerie Kemble and her acclaimed designer peers, the possibilities of black and white home decor are endless and suit any aesthetic. In BLACK AND WHITE (AND A BIT IN BETWEEN), Celerie welcomes readers into more than 75 homes, sharing advice on choosing the best paints and finishes; adding patterns, accessories, and collections; building an entire room scheme based on inspiration from nature; and even choosing the perfect accent colors.

P.S. More photos from the book and some Ottawa news after the jump

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Saturday stalking

The weekend has once again rolled round. Time to sit in coffee shops, newspaper in hand. Pass me the real estate section please. I wonder what I can't afford this week. Look! This one is open for inspection. We can drop round before we pick up the groceries. Darlinghurst. THAT close to the centre of Sydney. If only! I wonder if they'd leave behind their collection of art. I love that Ben Quilty skull painting and the contemporary Chinese art is rather good too. I want that little corner with the Chinese console, the grid of art and the marvelous mess of the owner's favourite pieces. Maybe I can afford that much. Link here while it lasts.

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Two for tea

I thought I'd end off the work week with a funky café designed by Manju Pinnell. It's the Cardamom Pod Vegetarian located in Broadbeach, Queensland. This café is beautiful - full of colour, life, gorgeous furniture and even a "grass" covered banquette! Great job Manju!

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Reader request - going bold with trim

My apologies for not having done any reader request posts lately - stupid French test took over all my free time last month (and these posts usually take me a few hours to prepare). Anyway, this request came in a while ago from Ginger: I'll admit, I'm somewhat Colour Intimidated. Typically, I go for BM Cloud White for trim and some degree of greige on the wall. It's starting to look and feel somewhat uninspired. I recently finished up having alllll the floors in my house refinished and am now preparing to paint out my hall/living room/future nursery. I could blame being knocked-up or just Reno Exhaustion but I seriously cannot make up my mind over what to do. So I was wondering - can you show me some spaces that use dramatic colours (like black/charcoal/anything not BM Cloud White) on trim/fireplace mantles? I have an art deco space and I want to take it Over The Top. I am more than willing to help fellow DTI readers step away from the greige. But surprisingly this request turned out to be fairly difficult. Seems NO ONE really does much with trim except good 'ol white. I did manage to find a few photos of trim and/or fireplaces NOT painted white (mostly black) and I added some photos of cool wall colours too that I found while looking for trim photos - and for some reason they are mostly blue. Odd. I am not a huge fan of any blues but these look fab with lots of trim detail. Hope this helps you step outside of your comfort zone Ginger!

Philip Galanes
Elle Decoration SA
The New York Times
Pierre Yovanovitch
Jessica Helgerson
Jeff Andrews

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