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Reading guide part 1.2

Wednesday already? At least I think it is. I have completely lost track of what day it is during this holiday break. One thing I do know is that there is something for everyone in today's blogs. Enjoy!













Christmas reading guide part 1.1

Ready for your next installment of blogs? I hope you are because I have so many more to share. Today has been a lazy day of visiting friends and cleaning up the last bits and pieces left over from too much fun on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I have little gold stars everywhere! Last time I sprinkle my tables with them. It's a bit like glitter ... pretty but impossible to clean up properly. I'm sure I'll be chuckling (or cursing) as I still find stars in strange places at Easter time. Enjoy today's blogs!













Christmas reading guide part 1.0

Welcome to what is now a tradition on Desire to Inspire. If you are not madly braving the post-Christmas sales or lining up for an epic Boxing Day leftovers rematch (I honestly don't know if I can face ham again) then settle in with your beverage of choice and explore the wonderful world of design blogs. Hopefully you'll find some new favourites.












P.S. Do yourself a favour and view colors of life in archive. It's a toss up whether it will blow your computer or your mind first.


Another Christmas greeting

Merry Christmas everyone! Because I had no time this year to decorate my house, I decided instead to decorate some of my cats. Jo already published our Christmas greeting but I had to share some of these pics with you all. The first one is dedicated to my blogging buddy and dear friend Jo, as Lucky is her favourite of my herd of 7.

(After torturing the cats I put the lights in an old pickle jar in the window. Voila. My decor for this year).


Merry Christmas!


Kim and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, our readers, the very best this holiday season. May your days be merry and bright, may your families stay safe and may the new year bring all that you desire. It's been a topsy turvy year with some crazy highs and some best forgotten lows but we've made it and now all there is to do is eat too much, get a little tipsy and tell our loved ones how much we care.

We are signing off for Christmas Day but I'll be back soon for a week of reading guides. So many blogs to explore! The following week Kim will be posting all her favourites from the year. Can't wait for that because she found some amazing room porn in 2011. Better run. I have yet another cake in the oven and I need to prep my veggies for tomorrow's lunch. Merry Christmas friends!

(Image via here.)