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Entry hall inspiration

Ashley emailed looking for a bit 'o inspiration: "I was hoping you could do a post on entry halls. Right now my entry hall is beige and is in some serious need of change. Everything I keep finding is the outside entry, not interior. I can't seem to find much in the way of examples, but you guys are the experts ;)". Many people may overlook their entrance hall or just focus on it's function rather than the design but HELLO????, it's the first thing people see when they walk in your home. So I'm happy to hear Ashley wants to spice up her boring entry. Ashley, I hope these photos help you to banish the bland beige and spice things up. (Note: My favourites are above)

Living Etc.
Living Etc.
Robert Stilin
Apartment Therapy
Ledbetter Fullerton Architects
Light Locations
Sköna hem
Living Etc.
Robyn Karp
Home Portfolio
House to Home
House to Home
Living Etc.
Miles Redd


Tonya Hinde

Tonya Hinde is an interior designer based in Melbourne. I love the midcentury, found object vibe backed up by her clever space planning (checkout her wonderful pencil plans and renderings on the website). I guess I'm a sucker for Grant Featherston chairs and that lick of paint, on a budget, pink make over of the stairs cheers me up no end. I could move right in to these rooms. Hey it looks like half my things are there already!

Images from Tonya Hinde


Something about a couch and an alcove

The latest reader's request comes from Ksenia, a fellow Canadian, who emailed us this: "I am trying to help a friend who is dealing with a tricky design problem in her living room. She wants to put a couch in the "nook" or alcove of her living room, then put wall cabinets above the couch along the width of the alcove. The couch would mostly fit the width of the alcove. Do you have any images to share that would show a couch that just fits in an alcove? Or seating in an alcove with wall cabinets above?" This was a bit of a tough request but after some hunting, I found a few that hopefully will provide some inspiration for what to do with a couch in an alcove.

Amanda NisbetJames Merrell
Sköna hemTraditional Home
Frank RoopPieter Estersohn
Atlanta Homes & LifestylesCaroline Paterson
John BarmanJohn Barman
Light LocationsNoble Design
Apartment TherapyApartment Therapy
Marie Claire MaisonMarie Claire Maison
Jean-Louis DeniotRobert Passal


Before IKEA ....

I was going to write an intro for this retro post with bad jokes about LPs and 8 tracks (go ask your mums) but then I realised that what was staring at me from the screen of my computer was an IKEA catalogue. Does anyone else see the similarities? Today's retro scans are from Home Storage, House and Garden Guide to Organization and Arrangement, Leonie Highton, Conde Nast, 1975.


Aimee Herring

Welcome to the beautiful world of Aimee Herring photography.