Rove Concepts


Bart Van Leuven

I can't quite put my finger on it. Why does Belgian design speak to me so much? Is it the simplicity, the purity of it? The honesty? I'm still not sure but what I am sure of is the amazing talent of Gent based photographer Bart Van Leuven. His diverse portfolio captures the vibe so well. The lighting is atmospheric,. He lets nothing compete with his mission to capture the essence of his subject. It's honest and stunning in its simplicity. Don't miss his floral/garden portfolio. I've included two shots at the end as a teaser.


Designer water

I've got to admit that I love receiving freebies in the mail, and today I got home to find a package on my doorstep. It contained 2 Evian bottles, one designed by Christian Lacroix and one by Jean Paul Gaultier. They are gorgeous, and the kind of bottles that would look incredible on an open shelf or counter in a kitchen. (Mine will look fab on the counter). The Jean Paul Gaulthier is an exclusive design for 2009, and is in limited editions, so check your local stores if you'd like to get your hands on some. Amazing...even water can be fashionable. (Thanks Scott!)


Kate Hume

I posted about Amsterdam's Kate Hume's interior design work over a year ago and when I happened upon her website again, I found many more incredible photos that I had to share. I adore the artwork (it's Jack!), graphic wallpaper, stunning light fixtures and sleek furnishings.


In the pink

Get down, get dirty and get pink. Nothing dainty about these spaces created by interior stylist Karsten Lulloff. Shocking or pleasing his colour blocking and super saturation are a delight for the eye and uplifting in their irreverent use of strong colour. Even his more mellow spaces pack that punch. Pretty in pink or pink is the new punk?



Retrouvius is an architectural salvage and design business based in London that was established in 1993. Some of their projects have been very architectural, others purely decorative. Whatever the case their motto is "bridging the gap between destruction and construction". I really love the idea of using salvaged items and repurposing them in new ways. (Unfortunately shops that carry such items are pretty much non-existent here). The folks at Retrouvius do a beautiful job of blending the old with the new.