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Claire Delmar

Love the portfolio of super talented stylist Claire Demar. Such a diverse repertoire of rooms and beautifully styled images. With a clean modern vibe the rooms are young, funky and oh so natural. I am in awe of the first image!

Images from RE:FRESH Agency


Claude Cartier

Claude Cartier is a French interior designer who's been in the business for over 20 years. Subtle neutrals, elegant materials and stunning Italian furnishings create contemporary and refined spaces.


French fancy

Dreaming of a house in France? Perhaps a coach house rich with history? Throw in an overstuffed, cosy, slightly shabby interior that just screams kids and dogs and long lunches and local wine and perhaps this house in Normandy may just be the stuff of your fantasies. Nothing is precious but everything is loved. I can just imagine summer escapes to such a house. Dream on.

Images from Tattersall Love



OK it's time for our last installment from that guide to good taste in the 70s How to Decorate Without a Decorator, A Realistic Guide to Interior Design by Mary Gilliatt, Thames and Hudson, London, 1977. Mary seems to not have survived the test of time with a few of these. Hey! That's what these posts are all about - inspiration and the occasional "OMG what were they thinking of?!!" Enjoy!


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