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Hallie Burton

From earthy brick to gleaming white sanctuaries, from high end to high on style, if it's a gorgeous room then Hallie Burton has probably photographed it. No wonder her work appears in the leading magazines around the world. Beautiful soft light, interesting angles and a great feel for the space. Love. She was one of the first photographers I blogged about back in 2007 and it was wonderful to revisit her portfolio to find so many more stunning shots.

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Just because reading guide

It's the weekend. The rat race has finished for the week. Things are winding down. Relax. Chill. Take some "me" time. Lose yourself in some great blogs!













Bruno Warion

To end of the work week, I leave you with some wonderful photos from talented french photographer Bruno Warion (while I go have another nap and try to get over this cold I just caught).

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A low budget redo

Anna from Romania emailed about a very low budget project she worked on recently for a friend. This friend owns a gelateria in the old center of Bucharest and wanted a change to the decor. Here are some details from Anna as to what went down: I must say that originally the place was too much orange for my taste. If I had to dislike a color, that would be definitely orange. So I got some headache, trying to figure out how to trick that orange, without getting rid of it. Anyway, my strategy was to use other colors and shapes that catch the eye, before it gets to the orange. And I ended up actually loving the bits of orange that are still very visible. I used as much as it was possible recycled material to decorate the place. A wall right next to the entrance and a transversal one has been covered up with old book pages. The brownish edges of the books kind of make the orange blend into the whole picture. A big mirror that was already on the wall has been framed with all types of frame rest pieces kindly donated by a framing shop. We used some of this frame pieces also to spice up the book shelves we build from scrap wood and painted in mouse grey, to link it to the old beams on the ceiling. A purple velvet curtain covering the entrance into the kitchen but also communicating with the glamorous chandeliers, a vintage clothing hanger, some transparent glass lamps from IKEA and a little bit of styling and repositioning, transformed the whole thing into one cozy, more coherent, welcoming space. I think the final product is certainly cosier and looks more finished. Great job Anna!!

Here are a few before shots:


And here is the result of Anna's craftiness (more after the jump)!

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