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.... I'm obsessed with growing moss. Help! My home is being taken over.

WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Cliff Spencer is a furniture maker. His website says so. He specialises in highest quality modern and traditional cabinetry, custom furniture, green materials, finishing & refinishing. But Cliff isn't a furniture maker. He's an artist. Wood comes alive under his hands. As the website says, "When the morning sun hits the swirling grain of the wood in one of our pieces in just the right way, you’ll see a different angle, a shape, a curve you hadn’t noticed before. It’s old world craftsmanship in modern times, using only the finest joinery, built to last for generations." Live simply with beautiful artisan pieces.

  • Kim and I have been waiting for some time to introduce you to Manvi Drona-Hidalgo and her blog Mochatini. Emails back and forth and now she feels she's ready ;) "With Mochatini, I hope to share with you things that inspire me, that I am passionate about, some upcoming artists, timeless classics with modern twists, my attempts at design and other musings." Manvi is a busy woman. She also blogs for 2Modern’s Design Talk and Vogue India. Click on over and say hi! Oh and check out all the eye candy.
photograph: Annick Geenen
  • Belgian furniture designer Casimir Meubelen has launched a new website and is exhibiting his first new furniture pieces after four years of design silence. Casimir uses the symbolism of the well known I form of a building-construction as the inspiration for "The Poutrel". Find out details of the exhibition in Antwerp and discover more of his design here.

  • Up To You is the über stylish creation of brother and sister team Bill and Dimitra Doufekas. This Toronto design destination showcases funky objects and gifts housed in a shop that replicates your trendy friend's apartment. So many of their internationally sourced pieces can't be sourced anywhere else in Canada. Kim is always lamenting the lack of great design shopping in Ottawa. Maybe a short trip to Toronto will cure your blues Kim. They have an online shop as well.

  • What do you think this is? It's crusted with Swarovski crystals. Perhaps jewellery? A hair clip? A pendant? A brooch? No it's jewellery for your home.

    Yes, a crystal encrusted mural you can apply to a wall a column, a head board. Anywhere. The Saturday Décor designs and produces a unique line of home décor products — including window and wall décor, jewellery, lighting, and pendants. Duco Phangsoa emailed to introduce this concept. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. OTT definitely but just right for your own personal palace!

  • I wish emails had smells. This one had me wishing for an internet version of scratch and sniff. "Diptyque, the effortlessly chic brand from France, has the solution for your fireplace woes. French for “wood fire,” Diptyque’s Feu de Bois candle is the perfect substitution for a crackling fireplace. The earthy-but-refined candle is infused with a complex scent that is evocative of fir trees, firewood and autumn woodlands." Website is coming soon but there is a store locator. I'm so intrigued I'm off to Ollie and LLoyd in Brisbane to savour the scent.

  • Another new blog. This time from Byron Bay in Australia. (God's own country.) Paisley Peacock and Paneer combines decor (paisley and the peacock bit) and blogger Mamta Pinnell's other passion, Indian vegetarian cuisine (paneer - it's a soft cheese). Interior design and home-wares (with lots of paisleys), beautiful Byron Bay, India and vegetarian cooking! Sounds like candy for the eye and the spice for the taste buds.
  • Friday

    Kelly Hoppen

    Thanks to my sister for pointing out that Kelly Hoppen's site has recently been updated (or maybe I just haven't been on it in ages) and is full of gorgeous photos of her interior design projects. This queen of contemporary design never ceases to amaze me. Her spaces are always timeless, livable and functional. Many more photos to see on her site.


    Hotze Eisma

    Do you notice who takes the photos of your favourite rooms in interior design magazines? Do you file your tearsheets for future reference but never google the stylist or the photographer? I've been drawn to the work of Hotze Eisma ever since I stuck a post-it-note on a page of shots of stylist Reineke Groters in Elle Decoration a number of years ago. Since then I have found that whenever a photo of a wonderful and quirky home tugs at my heart strings it's inevitably one of Hotze's. I bookmarked his website months ago to share but somehow I never did. Go there now. You'll discover an amazing talent and the most wonderful and prolific portfolio. Careful you don't overdose!

    Images from Hotze Eisma


    Real estate stalking

    Stalking again, this time in the leafy, exclusive and oh so expensive suburb of Toorak, Melbourne. Wonderful white voids cut with panes of glass provide drama. Inside blurs with out while water weaves its way where one least expects it. Hate to have to clean the glass but love the idea of opening walls and cut out windows.


    Compact in every sense of the word

    My younger sister's boyfriend Dave sent me a link to this video today, with the subject "Maybe this should have been your kitchen :)". My kitchen is pretty small, but not this small. Thanks Dave, but I think I'll stick to my Greentea kitchen. ;) (video via Gizmodo)