Rove Concepts


The Lawrence Group

The Lawrence Group is an architectural, interior design and town planning firm based in St. Louis. Their work is impressive, particularly the bathroom and two residences featured below. I love the tile in the bathroom, the industrial kitchen (with more gorgeous tile) and the retro yellow chair.


Wahoo! Retro time!

This week's retro treats are from Better Homes Decorating Ideas, Ruth Quatermaine, Meridith Publishing Company, 1967. My scanner has been running hot. True 60s inspiration or desperation. Love it or hate here's your retro therapy.


Jonn Coolidge

With his roots in graphic design photographer Jonn Coolidge has the perfect eye for interior photography. With clients from Lee Jofa to B&B Italia, Trina Turk to Neiman Marcus and all the major shelter magazines from Elle Decor to House and Garden his portfolio is stellar. In his fine art work he dissects the simple and looks for another truth. The same searching is evident in his editorial work. Great stuff!


Flickr finds - wallpaper


Influential bloggers

Our blog friend Stan Tham of The Home Rejuvenation Blog emailed us about a survey he is conducting on his blog to find out who the influential bloggers (blogs) in our design community are. So please go here for more information and take a couple of minutes to nominate your top five candidates. Thanks! (Photos below are spaces Stan designed)