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Dexter Hodges

Dear Dexter (I hope I may call you Dexter),

It's really not fair. Not only are you a great photographer, you get to hang out in the coolest houses. I know it's work but look at that view! I mean Dexter your job has perks. I'm trying hard to find fault but it's impossible. Your work is stunning. The light in your photos is so bright, so white but it only makes the shadows so much more inviting. It's no surprise you're based in Spain. No it's really not fair. I want to be you.

(Portfolio of American born but Barcelona based photographer Dexter Hodges.)







Nadia needs help

Nadia emailed us just after Christmas looking for some help: "We live in sydney (yay!!!) and our house is elevated about a metre and a half in the back so we will be building an outdoor deck / veranda with a flat roof overhead. So we have council approval and the deck is a simple rectangle 8m w x 5m l, with the right side having some screening. We will be using hardwood and we would have a fence around the entire area with stairs going down (we have 2 kids and plan on adding one more!!). So this is my questions to you ladies. I need help with designing it in terms of fixtures as we plan on building a kitchen later on on the side with the screening but i am so effin confused with the type of fence, lighting, kitchen material, furniture and furnishings to use etc....Our current interior is very modern with plenty of white, black, brown and splashes of colour from paintings and our built-in book shelves. I have attached some photos of our house which consist of the back sunroom. Our home is currently very open plan with the dining living and kitchen all in one section.  Then we have bi folds that open up to a sunroom / living space. The proposed decking will obviously continue from the sunroom out. This is how I envisage the deck, open with a kitchen going along one side, since its a kitchen i know we will have to put a screen or back on it and in turn we will leave the rest of the deck open to the view. As for furniture we are thinking of a large outdoor table that would seat up 20 people and some great lighting above the table. We would like some plants etc to make it look 'green' and 'outdoorsy'. So in a way it will be like a dining room with its own kitchen. I would like to keep the sunroon, living room etc as is. However if you have any ideas I am very open to them."

As much as I'd love to be of assistance, I am having trouble wrapping my arctic-living brain around the fact that Nadia wants to put a kitchen on a deck. The climate in Sydney is pretty much the exact opposite of that here in Ottawa, so I'm hoping there are folks out there with more of a clue than me that can give Nadia some ideas.


Branching out

A reader named Sarah emailed us recently asking that we branch out and post some non-US and non-Swedish content. I said no problem - but considering neither Jo nor I are American or Swedish, we don't go out specifically looking for content from those countries. That just seems to be what we happen upon on our random Google searches when looking for blog content. So when I asked Sarah if she knew of any sites we could refer to for the blog she suggested a site from Israel, I found tons of blog-worthy content (although I unfortuntely don't know Hebrew) so thank you Sarah! One home that was featured on the site really caught my eye. Turns out it has a bit of a Swedish/Scandinavian country vibe to it. LOL. It's SOOO pretty and is perfect decor for the cottage I wished I owned. White walls, gorgeous hardwood floors, big white squishy couches, small touches of pale colours...what's not to love? (Forget the interior...I was sold on the palm tree out front. We don't get those up here).



Darryl Wilson

It's Hollywood Hip. Not particularly Hollywood Regency, although there are elements here. It's sleek and happening, all cool with endless views from the Hollywood Hills. Think groovy. Think stylin' baby. Drinks by the pool and beautiful people on the rise. Interior designer Darryl Wilson's work isn't a cliche. It's just the Hollywood dream.





Kristen Buckingham

"Kristen Buckingham LLC brings a distinctly modern and fresh take to designing interiors, putting tasteful personality back into the home and imparting a more comfortable sense of scale to even the largest of spaces. While each space looks effortlessly chic, each room has been carefully composed, fusing modern and traditional elements—creating a timeless and harmonious balance." Kristen's portfolio is filled with nothing but elegant yet livable spaces and if you're as intrigued by bold patterned textiles as I am then you'll appreciate the photos below.