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Robin Bell

"A profound respect and keen observation of the rigorous aesthetics of classical design is evident in all of Ms. Bell’s work, including her contemporary projects. Inherent in her coordination of color, scale and proportion are the influences of the English and Continental designs of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries." But look at the contemporary twist that Robin Bell's work has! Her use of pattern is nothing short of breath taking. Although these homes have their roots in tradition there is nothing stuffy or dated about them. Quite the contrary.

Images from Robin Bell


Robert Nassar Design

Robert Nassar's firm is multidisciplinary, having designed corporate, retail, hospitality and residential spaces. His work is characterized as being simple and unadorned, with a subtle play of color and texture.


Tsao & McKown

The New York based architecture and design practice of Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown is Stellar (with a capital S). Their portfolio is breathtaking - filled with modern furniture, hits of bold colours and asian and other cultural influences. So once you're done perusing the photos below, please pay their website a visit for many more glorious photos.


Carter Williamson

"Architecture is the construction of ideas represented as sequences of space illuminated by natural light. These ideas form the spaces we live in, move through and feel better for having been in. Good architecture should make us feel safe and secure, confident and expressive, quiet and reflective. Good architecture should make our lives better." Sydney based architectural practice Carter Williamson wrote the words and their spaces justify them.

Images from Carter Williamson


Schuyler Samperton

Schuyler Samperton is an L.A. based designer who's portfolio I love. I am a big fan of bold colours, but her portfolio of spaces filled with mostly muted colours just seems so relaxing and inviting. Her hits of colour are instead in vases of gorgeous flowers. What a simple way to inject some colour in a room (temporarily for those who are colour-phobic).