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John Bessler

The perfect shot. Photographer John Bessler nails it every time. His portfolio is full of wonderful natural light, great angles and clever compositions. Whether they are in elegant monochrome or rich colour his interior shots are beautiful and light. Check out his charming kids' portfolio as well.


Pernilla Hed

Pernilla Hed is a wonderful stylist based in Stockholm with a portfolio of spaces filled with stunning colours, patterns and textures. Honestly, it makes me want to buy a ton of fabric and make pillows.


Bad girl is back

Yes I'm back from a decadent and too too over indulgent weekend in paradise. Only trouble is I'm short a post for today. I thought I'd tease Kim with these shots of a late spring day which climbed into the 30s (celsius) after a few morning showers. Yes the water really is that blue and yes for some crazy reason I was up at 6.00am for the last shots. Which is more unbelievable? I'll be back to regular posting tomorrow.


What's cooking in the 70s?

Perfect timing for a retro kitchen post. Kim has reached the stage with her kitchen renovation where she loves her new kitchen more than she hates her contractor. Today's retro inspirations are from The Australian Kitchen, by Babette Hayes, Cassell Australia, 1979. I used to feel that kitchens like these dated a modern home but look closely and there are great ideas and a look that is perfect for those who choose not to have the cherrywood and granite dream.


And the winner is...

In September we posted about this contest held by Material Girls blog and Swank Lighting. Well, the winners have been announced here on Swank Lighting's blog. What great entries, and congrats to the winners!! Below is the first place winner, a design board made by Joshua for Big Bird’s big city nest.