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Eve Robinson Associates, Inc.

"By using traditional elements and infusing them with a modernist aesthetic, Eve Robinson Associates, Inc. creates comfortable and sophisticated interiors that reflect the personal desires of each of our clients. The firm uses simplicity to define luxury and elegance. We believe in mixing styles, textures and finishes to create clean-lined and interesting spaces." These spaces have so much character and life without being too bold. Me likey.


Luis Pons

Architect Luis Pons' firm, Aponwao Design, is responsible for a wide range of projects that use materials from one end of the spectrum to another. Travertine marble for the East Hampton beach house of Latin singer Chayanne, and bakery carts covered in latex for dividers in a client's apartment. His own apartment is covered almost floor to ceiling in air mattresses and inflatable furniture. The first group of photos below are of Luis' live/work space, the next set are examples of the firm's interior design projects, and the last are objects designed by the firm, including side tables made of metal ball-chains, and 1950s furniture applied with picture frame moldings.


Oh no tagged!

Drey from Bijou Kaleidoscope, a fellow Aussie design blogger tagged us today to tell 7 things about ourselves. So as Kim is fast asleep I'll jump in first and do 3. Kim you don't mind doing 4 do you?

1. That's Mickey. Kelvin (my husband) and I share our 2 bedroom apartment with him. I love him to death not just because he is such a good looking beast but because he is also my husband's guide dog. Kelvin lost his sight at 18 due to an accident.

2. Enough about my husband! This is supposed to be about me. I used to be a medical student but I saw the light and became an interior designer.

3. I was in Berlin (on a surgical elective) when the wall came down and I can remember when man walked on the moon. Now that last one really ages me!

And as my gift to the blogosphere I decline to tag 7 (or 3)others. (Does anyone else delete those chain emails? My trash is full of them!) But this was fun as long as it is only 3 things. Your turn Kim.

Gee thanks Jo. Ok here goes:

1. When I started university, my folks moved to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Luckily, my twin sister and I got to stay behind. Spent 3 summers and 1 spring break there though. Was quite an experience...loved the almost 24 hours of daylight.

2. I was born in the wrong country - maybe even the wrong continent. This is because I hate winter with every ounce of my being. I've lived here in Ottawa all my life and although the winters have gotten better over the years, I find it harder and harder to live through them.

3. I would die without pasta, or carbs in general. I blame being half-Italian for that.

4. The 3 years I spent in college taking computer science were the worst 3 years of my life. It was hell and I cringe everytime I think about it. It was WAY too much work. I did more work in one semester there than I did in the whole 3 years I spent getting a bachelor degree in Psychology.


Breckinridge Design

Breck Woolsey is a name to watch. This image is so beautiful and tantalising and the only one on his website so far. There is a promise of more. Bookmark it and wait, patiently if you can. While you wait fall in love with his art. "Art doesn't have to match the interior, but it needs to have a dialogue with it." I'd love to eavesdrop on the conversations these pieces would have with the rooms he designs.


Doin it

The Ellen van de Graaf Louis XV Carved Bed – "Doin it"

"A stunning c1890 Louis XV solid-walnut full-double bed with intricate carving to both head and footboards. The headboard is ornamented with a heavily carved Rococo crest embellished with flowers, with an embossed detail on the panel that is mirrored on the footboard. Ellen van de Graaf has layered a black lacquered high gloss finish and adorned the bed with intimate pornographic imagery in electric blue acrylic enamel."

The coolest bed ever, by Burke & Hazelden. I would give up a cat for this bed! (I adore the shape of the bed - and black? YEAH BABY. Pornographic images are simply a bonus.)