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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • No subject in the email. No message. Just a name and a link to a blog site. So I went and this is what I found. Laura Lucio designed “The Flying Mirror” in silver or gold and it's gorgeous!

  • If you are as big a fan of vintage furniture updated with a modern twist as Kim and I and if the thought of a fire engine red bench sets your heart racing then you must check out Gardenhouse. This West Palm Beach store blends indoors with outdoors, colour with panache and vintage with one of a kind. Cheryl Maeder (she's the fine art photographer) and her husband Gary (he's the artist and metal sculptor) are the dynamic duo behind these fabulous pieces.

  • When Kim was posting her flickr finds last Sunday little did she know that one of her finds wellfleetwaters was actually Wellfleet Waters, textile designs by 2 sisters who have designed their first line of 100% cotton canvas fabric, inspired by the oceanside palette of colours of Wellfeet, MA on Cape Cod. They're bright and fun and great for indoors or outdoors. AND you can by them direct not to the trade! Online store is coming soon so keep an eye out.

  • I love WINKS. Kim gets an email from Helga in Iceland about her friend Olga in the Netherlands. Kim forwards it to me and I get to post about Olga's amazing designs. Just right for the northern winter, beautifully cozy and unique. Visit Volki Recycled Design for even more inspiration.

  • Jenn emailed with a great new site. "I found your blog and just wanted to let you know about Wall Blank - we just launched in October. We put a new limited edition print (sometimes photo, sometimes screenprint, sometimes another type) up every weekday. They're only available for one week. On Fridays, the artist donates their work and 100% of the proceeds from their print go to a non-profit cause of their choice." Great prints, limited editions. very limited time and a day of 100% donations. Getting artists' work out there and getting money in the donation coffers. Great idea.

  • I want, I want, I want to go to this shop right now! Can I throw a design tantrum until I do? Daniel Petix was very bad and emailed me to let us know about "The End of History", the mid-century mecca in the West Village that he and proprietor Stephen Saunders opened in 1997. He writes their blog and from what I have seen I wish I was in New York now. So there are two choices for all of us. Visit the store in real life or live vicariously through the blog. Mid-century heaven.


Cool pad

I LOVE this Swedish flat up for sale. The white glossy floors, the all white walls, the floating stairs, the glass railings, the modern sleek kitchen, the bursts of colour.....

Photos from Lagerlings


At the bottom of the garden

What's at the bottom of your garden? This home like many in Brisbane is a renovated timber cottage complete with obligatory back deck. What isn't at all common is the old shed at the back of the garden (having two street access helps). Even more unusual is the fabulous reno of this old structure. The hardest decision if I owned it would be whether to use it as a guest house or a studio. The hardest thing of all though would be keeping my husband from taking it over! Real estate stalking again at


The architect's home

West End sits cheek to cheek with the city centre in my home town Brisbane. Once the home of the city's workers it was dotted with importers and exporters warehouses by the river. The Greeks raised their families after the war while the radicals and the hippies called it home in the 60s (and still do). Vietnamese opened restaurants in the 70s, students overcrowded rooms in the 80s and finally developers mass produced million dollar apartments with city views. But it has always been the artists' home, the most colourful part of town. The architect has designed his home and created a haven for his family. It has referenced its architectural past, considered the climate, used innovative materials and celebrated the colour that is West End. Now it's up for sale. Time for a new family to move in and thumb their noses at the rabbit warren of overpriced concrete boxes the developers so want them to buy.


Chris Everard

Another brilliant photographer that must be featured here - this time by the name of Chris Everard. Love the crispness of his photos. I've got to point out the FAB painted grey floors. Oh, I must mention how much I adore black and white photography framed in white mats with white frames.