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Shameless plug

I've been neglecting my etsy shop of late, haven't hand coloured new prints and replaced my depleted stock. Then the lovely Erin of Design for Mankind popped this picture on her Flickr page and it gave me the push I needed. I love seeing my work in people's homes, love seeing how they have chosen to frame it. This is a knockout frame Erin! Pop by my store and see what's new. OK end of shameless plug.


Sexy circles and kids' chairs

I've been thrifting again. So what's new. I sound like a broken record. This week though I got my grubby little hands on 2 rattan chairs that are hot hot hot or will be with new cushions and upholstery. $30 for the pair! Thank God Colin the thrift store manager hates cane and loves me. Look at those sexy circles.

I've been testing some fabrics I already have. The one on the left is Augustine by Ralph Lauren. The other is Peekaboo by Twenty2. Both picked up on eBay for a fraction of their retail price. Which one do you think? Kim's leaning towards the Ralph Lauren. I'm intrigued by the Peekaboo lattice on the crisscross rattan. I won't be painting these, just revarnishing.

Here's something I finished this week. The cane children's chairs I posted last week are now cherry red with little kapok filled pillows in Daisy Daisy a Lee Joffa fabric from David Hicks by Ashley Hicks (eBay again). Groovy retro thrones for a three year old princess.



WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • Tiny People is a hip kid's store (actually 2 hip stores) one in Byron Bay and the other on Queensland’s Kirra Beach, but more excitingly they have an online boutique where they sell internationally. Danielle, one of the two sisters that own the stores, travels the world sourcing stylish and innovative designs for Tiny People, and they have some gorgeous product available. For the design conscious parent or friend, it’s the perfect place to source the best design for that special tiny person!

  • These days it can be challenging to determine what the objects surrounding us are made of. Manufacturers are not required to use labelling describing contents of your lamp or chair. The idea behind Matteriashop is precisely the opposite because the materials utilized in making the objects are responsive to the environment, all kinds of details, such as ingredients, source of material, designer info, manufacturing processes and disposal indications, are supplied as a way for customers to make informed choices. Matteriashop collaborates with designers all over the globe, offering outrageously gorgeous objects for living made of eco-smart materials deriving from recycled, organic, renewable, non toxic sources as well as energy efficient lighting.

  • Dennis Blankemeyer from American Furnishings emailed to introduce his unique vintage furniture. American Furnishing's philosophy is focused on keeping the Middle American dream alive. Found objects in abandoned factories repurposed into useful everyday items. Work benches from a decrepit Packard Motor Car plant become a kitchen island. Steel parts carts from a General Motors plant in Detroit become rolling liquor cabinets. Long forgotten wooden foundry objects become "high art" when placed on metal stands or hung on a wall. Large metal shoe racks from a foreclosed Ohio factory become book shelves.

  • We've featured Make up the wall before. Now comes the news that they have finally launched a new website - as some of you might already know. It has a webshop that is using Paypal so it is now possible to buy Make up the wall products online. Time to revisit the site and see all the new products.

  • Remember Lisa Bengtsson's wallpaper the family with the black and white frames? She's just produced her second wallpaper called "svärmor" which means mother in law in Swedish. This time she's made something for all the shoe lovers out there. Gorgeous and so much fun!

  • "I'm so excited to introduce So Haute a new blog about interior design and other stylish things! I created this blog as a way to indulge in my love for interior design by chronicling all of the amazing places, people, things and ideas that inspire me....Check out So Haute. Post a comment, subscribe, let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy & please check back frequently. Welcome to So Haute!" So I was intrigued, followed the link and found a fabulous new blog. Our mystery fashion publicist blogger now known as Ms So Haute has a winner on her hands!

  • Erica emailed us and we're glad she did. "my blog shift came into being after i found myself in a new place physically, emotionally, professionally, etc. many of my posts are on art, inspiration and all things lovely but i also tell little stories about life and love." Yet another great read. My list of blogs to visit is getting huge! Thanks Erica.

  • The Shiny Squirrel has new work and artists this weekend. Go take a look here. Great work by Denise Simon, Lisa Congdon, Yu-I Chan and India Richer.

  • An email in from Diana with yet another new blog, Please Sir. "My friend, Allison, and I have been inspired by all the great blogs out there and decided to start our own. I'm a textile designer and Allison is a student pursuing her Masters in Southern Literature. We have been friends for several years, and wanted to bring our everyday conversations, ideas, and obsessions to the site. Although we are not a primary design blog, I do tend to divulge in the design world...I just can't resist! Besides several design posts, we discuss everything from art, books, television, movies, life, and more. One might say we are scattered, but no one is one dimensional, so we wanted our blog to have many unique and interesting topics." I'll have no time left in the day with all these new reads. Who am I kidding? I'm addicted to blogs. Thanks Diana!

  • And finally a thought provoking post by Lisa of Shelter featured on her second blog An Examined Life. Lisa asked her friend Linda Dietrich in New Orleans to write about her thoughts post-Katrina and what she thinks are the most important things that need to be done for the city. Lisa was amazed by her answers, the way she expressed herself, and the amount of anger still present after all this time. A great read.


Marimekko MADNESS!!!

Chad from Always Mod emailed with a sweet deal for DTI readers. The site specializes in everything Marimekko, including a huge selection of Marimekko cotton and upholstery fabrics. GAWD I love Marimekko, and after looking around the shop I want it ALL!!! So here are the details:

Offer: 15% off entire order
When: Now through 2/29/08 (next Friday)
How: enter promotion code desiretoinspire at checkout
Why: everyone loves deals, especially on Marimekko!
Where: AlwaysMod.com, the home of everything Marimekko

Thanks Chad!


Jessica Lagrange

Jessica Lagrange launched her interior and architectural design firm (Jessica Lagrange Interiors) in 1998 in Chicago. Her work, a mix of modern and traditional, is a wonder; incredible that someone can be so talented at such opposing styles. Both she masters with elegance and exquisiteness.