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Rylie's bedroom dilemma

Rylie wrote us the other day with a dilemma and I thought I'd post it here to see if anyone has some brilliant ideas to help her with her space. "I would like to ask you if there's any chance that you might chance upon some wonderful ideas for rooms that are narrow. Its because my bedroom is kind of narrow and long, and I have no idea what to do about it. I mean I can hardly move stuff around without blocking the way. I've attached some photos of my room, pardon the mess! I've tried moving some things before but it always looks so... cluttered to me, so space-less!"

I TOTALLY know what she's going though, as my house is 12' wide and the second bedroom is 7' wide. I have to run off to do some errands so I'll give my quick opinion and leave it to the rest of you to hopefully help her out.

I like the bed at the far end. I'd leave it there, and hang draperies all around that end of the room from floor to ceiling (even huge painters canvas tarps from Home Depot, and you can try dying them). That will give it a cocoon type feeling. I'd put the white Expedit shelving unit where the desk is to separate the sleeping area from the rest of the space. Then leave the dressers where they are and put the desk opposite them or vice versa. I think you need alot of storage bins and baskets (particularly to store all the items in the black shelving) so you can keep less of your stuff visible. And if you're allowed, paint the front part of the room something bold. :)


Hot hot hot


If Scandinavian styling is white with pops of colour then Brazilian design is colour, colour, colour with pops of even more colour. It's hot and vibrant, a riot of hues and so much fun. Punch is the right word. Just when you think it's  too much you'll find more and more to love. It's life lived to the full and at full pace but it's also about personal space and a place to be with family and friends.  Neza Cesar is a Brazilian interior designer who could quite possibly be the pin up girl for Brazilian style. Love it! (P.S. Thanks Adriana for the link!)










David Ling

It takes a special kind of person to come up with the idea of a moat (2 actually) and a bridge in a loft. That special kind of person in this case is David Ling, an architect. He converted a former dental factory in NYC into his own work/live space, with a moat and bridge separating his office and living space, and another moat separating the living space from the bedroom mezzanine. Now that's ingenius, and breathtaking.


What do you call a collective of stylists?


It's a pride of lions, a flock of seagulls, a band of minstrels. Stylists? A curated grouping, a vignette, a composition of stylists? Whatever you call it you'll love the Svenska Stylistgruppen. (Ah! You call them Swedish Stylist's Group!)  Varied vibes but all instantly recognisable as the hottest look in the design world at the moment - Scandinavian.

These first three rooms are by Kerstin Söderlund.

Ulrika Jidström


Marie Delice Karlsson


Viveka Gil


Sally Conran

I was perusing the internet yesterday looking for blog material when I happened upon the portfolio of Sally Conran, a London based stylist and art director specialising in interiors, still-life, food and lifestyle. Sally's training in interior architecture gives her an understanding of space and composition. Her work completely blew me away - each space so beautifully styled I found myself inspecting every inch of detail so I didn't miss a thing.