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Joe Serrins

Multi-disciplinary design workshop Joe Serrins Studio carefully and creatively design residential spaces and one off furniture pieces. It's contemporary and clean lined with mid-century references. There is a balance between hard shiny modern and earthy natural materials all with a hip and happening vibe.


Edward Duarte

The aesthetic is clean and crisp. The technique is flawless. The influences - his early career in graphic design and the Japanese publications he cut his editorial teeth on. The talent is unmistakable. Welcome to the portfolio of photographer Edward Duarte.


My mug in a mag

Some of our readers have noticed that we were mentionned in this month's Canadian House & Home magazine. They did a story called Our Favourite Canadian Design Blogs and since this blog is half Canadian they wanted to include the blog and me! It is such an honour. I have subscribed to H&H for years and it is by far one of my favourite mags.

An AMAZING local photographer, Jordan Craig, came by one morning and photographed me in my home office and took some photos of vignettes around the house (which to my dismay none were used). To my relief he brought along his wife who applied my makeup (and I took note!). It was a total blast, Jordan and his wife were awesome, and he brought along the coolest camera I've ever seen (a Hasselblad from the 60s with an attachment where the film would go to make it digital). I asked my boyfriend to help me take photos of the process and both of us forgot for the most part. Here are a few we did manage to take.

Jordan was kind enough to send me the photos he took around my office and living room. They are fantastic so I thought I would share them.

Congratulations to the other bloggers included (Jan of poppytalk, Marie-Eve of Lake Jane and Arren of Arren Williams Design Lab, and thank you Jordan and House & Home!!

UPDATE: Check out the story on H&H's website HERE


Jason Martin

Interior designer Jason Martin emailed to share his latest venture. Jason, who owned Silho Furniture in LA and now works exclusively in interior design and custom furniture, has started a new photo blog in preparation for an on-line portfolio. He jokingly wrote that "it is super basic right now but we will launch more soon including a a dedicated website" (which Desire to Inspire will trumpet when it's live). "We are working very hard to photograph five finished projects and are in the early stages of three more - so there's lots to come. By the first of the year we will expand the tumblr site to be more of a journal and it will include posts like before and after photos, progress reports on projects and informative interviews with vendors and other designers." Hate to put the pressure on you Jason but if these are just a taste of your work then the race is on to finish your website. We need to see MORE :)


Anna Ranung

I want to be a stylist when I grow up. In the meantime, I'll enjoy perusing portfolios such as that of talented Anna Ranung.