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I promised Kim a virtual holiday to take her mind off things at home. Something with cutting edge design and cats. Singita Game Reserves in South Africa and Tanzania run a number of stunning game lodges and tented camps. Kim we're going to Kruger National Park in South Africa. Now to decide between the Singita Lebombo Lodge or the Singita Sweni Lodge. If you tire of watching the big cats there are plenty of other animals. Check out the website. One of the loveliest I've seen in a while. The lodges cover all styles and all activities, safaris, spas, ballooning over the Serengeti, fine wine and food. Don't miss the guides' diaries and the community projects. Beautiful!

Images from Singita

And the cats? Here's a few of the regulars.


Retro .... ready?

Yeah! That time again. Suspend your disbelief and wind back your taste meter. This weeks scans are from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol 1, Greystone Press, New York, 1970. Love this set of books. So much to inspire!


Flickr finds - vintage chairs


Paul Costello update

We've featured Paul Costello before. Unable to sleep because of an aching back from upholstering chairs I stopped by his site and was in for a pleasant surprise, an updated portfolio. I love Paul's work. There is a spark in every one of his photos. Rooms come to life captured through his lens. Of course he is responsible for some of the most popular interior photos of recent times. Just look at the first one here. Who hasn't got that one in their style tray? So if you're looking for some eye candy this weekend drop by his website and enjoy all the inspiring new images.

Images from Paul Costello


New at home

Just an update on what's going on with my UFOs (unfinished objects) at home. Not much!! My old dresser is now painted a teeth clenching green (I love it!) and my thrifting continues.

I'm playing with arrangements and buying things on ebay and at the thrift stores that I really don't need but I really really have to have.

The ebay fabric may go on an ottoman and the birds were a great thrift shop find. My sister has returned some paintings that she has been "babysitting" for too many years now. I can't complain though because she also transported the free table/desk that I found. It's in my dining room at the moment and desperately needs a new paint job and some much chicer draw pulls. The artist's mannequin at over 70cms gives me an excuse to hang some of my beads and looks happier in my place than in the thrift store where I found him.

I've framed my ISO50 prints in cheap Ikea frames but had some mattes cut to improve the look. No idea where they are going but I'm playing with vignette ideas already.

Finally I've been playing around with printing some of my drawings and hand colouring them with watercolours. I'm testing some ideas for an etsy store. I'll keep you posted. I'm sorry to say that's all I've got for you today. You see I'm rather busy. I'm finishing some upholstery.

To check out the chaos my UFOs are causing check out my flickr set here.