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WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we've found and things we think you'll want to see. If you'd like to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you. So what's in this week?

  • I blogged about stylist Deb McLean and now she is blogging too. Busy Being Fabulous is just that ... fabulous. An insiders look at all things stylish!

  • Monsieur Paul is Pascal Vochelet, a French artist living in Marseille. His work is all about childhood memory and family. Originals and prints in his Etsy store.

  • Modernica has reissued versions of George Nelson's iconic Criss Cross Bubble Lamp (Cigar, Pear or Ball) that have been out of production for decades. Midcentury classics ... yum can't get enough!

  • Hélène Barrier is the textile designer behind La Reine Dagobert. Handcrafting comforting creatures, strange and soft textile objects, she works exclusively with recycled then dyed, embroidered and/or screen-printed fabrics. Softies as art. Don't miss her installations and exhibitions while you are there.

  • Paola can't help herself. She has to create. Love these architecturally themed felt cushions found at her Etsy shop Atelier Pompadour.

  • New blog alert. Sweet Sunday Mornings focuses on set design & fashion in films. The anonymous blogger (let's call him/her SSM) emailed to share. "After a while of realizing that I was noticing the wallpaper more than the actor's performance when I was watching a move, I decided to start putting my saved screencaps online and share some of my inspirations." SSM I have the same cinematic addiction. Good movie but where can I get that lamp?

  • Evan Dublin emailed "I recently finished my industrial design undergraduate degree and am pretty excited about my final project. I found a jungle gym slide from a salvage yard and came up with a fantastic solution to domesticate it. Using a component of the slide I produced a modern take on the classic wing-back chair. Its made with locally sourced white oak wood, wool and the slide." What a hoot!



I finally got a chance to flip through the latest issue of Canadian House & Home that's been sitting on my kitchen counter tempting me most of the week, and I was excited to find a Canadian architectural firm in the magazine whose work is mesmerizing. Based in Toronto, superkül is the award-winning firm of Meg Graham and Andre D'Elia. A modern cottage retreat that they designed is featured in the magazine, which some photos can be found below, but first I wanted to feature a completed renovated home I found on their website.

Formerly a blacksmith's shop, then a horse shed and then an artist's apartment and studio, they did amazing things to turn this into a single family home, despite regulations that no additional openings in the walls were allowed for more light. In this case they had to get it from above. I am completely in awe of this transformation.

Here is the cottage I mentionned, a 2000 sq.ft. modern stunner on the Georgian Bay. (Photos by Tom Arban, superkül and Lorne Bridgman)


Prue Ruscoe

Encore! Encore! I love photographer Prue Ruscoe's work (blogged here). So many of her shots are stored away in my "all time fav" inspiration files. Now I find there are even more beautiful images on her rep's site. I spy so many of my favourite images from Inside Out, Shannon Fricke's house (and books) as well as Rachel Castle's artwork. If a website could have dog eared pages and post-it-notes all over it this one would. Love!


James Webb

Last October I posted the minimalist Amsterdam apartment(s) of James Webb. He wrote to tell us about some exciting news: "a funny thing happened that I was contacted by a dutch fashion house (the fashion guy Jan Clemens Hoek mentioned that he had seen the apartment on your blog) and they wanted to use my place for a fashion shoot. it was very exciting and my glimpse into a very different world. they used a top dutch model nimue smit and the photographer was viviane sassen (also a big name in dutch photography circles)". How cool!! Here's a photo from the shoot...

James was given a print from the shoot and it now proudly displays as the first completely non-functional addition to his apartment.

After this the national newspaper called James and he was featured in their magazine about his style (a friend of Jan Clemens Hoek is the fashion editor of the paper).

!!!! I've got to say a BIG congratulations to James for all these exciting events and his new-found fame!

What I didn't realize is that James is an uber-talented architect and he wanted to share a villa near Amsterdam that his firm Gabriels Webb recently completed. It's modern, spacious and spectacular. Here is some info of this project:

This freestanding villa on the new island of IJburg provides for a family to live both independently or together. A lowered childrens level with kitchenette and bathroom can be accessed from the street, while the raised ground floor provides the communal living zones that proceed to the canal side garden. The upper level contains the parents’ studio space, bedroom and bathroom. The internal levels are demarcated in the facade with white bands and horizontally laid western red cedar boards further striate the volume.

project credits are as follows

private residence: IJburg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
architects: Kirsten Gabriëls James Webb
project architect: Kirsten Gabriëls
artist façade panel: Yvonne Kroese
contractor: Bouwbedrijf Stadswerk BV, Hoofddorp
design: 2006
completion: 2009
gross floor area: 285m²
photography: Marcel Van der Burg

May I introduce you to the Ijburg house.


West Chin

Simple clean lines, minimalism with a human touch. It's difficult to live this lean and stylish but sometimes I crave it. Architect West Chin and his team including wife Roseann Repetti are like sculptors. Their rooms are dramatic yet functional, light filled and spacious. A place for everything and everything is its place. Yes disciplined but definitely dramatic.