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Jac de Villiers

Magical shots of magical rooms. Today's photographer Jac de Villiers is South African and renowned in the industry for his interior shots. Beautiful white light and a true sense of the feeling of the space. It's his outstanding portraits especially Desmond Tutu that will blow you away though. Oh and don't miss his stills portfolio. Strong and beautiful. Love his work, really really love these rooms.


Kim's long weekend

This is the last day of my Easter weekend (5 days!) and it was fix-up-my-bedroom weekend. Plaster, sand, wait for it to dry, plaster, sand, wait for it to dry.....still hell with it, paint, paint, paint. This went on for 3.5 straight days. I was too impatient to do a great job but it was good enough. You can hardly tell there used to be a closet in my bedroom. Mission accomplished.

Here's a quick glimpse (as I showed you all the other day) of the former room, looking at the mess that used to be the closet (and what a b*tch that was to patch):

I went with a very pale pink on the walls, which turns out to be hard to photograph accurately. I chose BM's Elephant Pink at 25% strength, and BM's Snowfall White for the trim and the floors. I need to give the floor a few days to cure so in the meantime I am sleeping on my DIY couch. Turns out painting laminate floors works quite well. (I plan on replacing all that cheap laminate with hardwood eventually). This morning I put out a few items I hope to use in the new bedroom, to give you an idea of where I'm going with this project. Vintage boho I'll call it - which means I get to reuse alot of junk I already have as I am still trying to pay off my kitchen and funds are reeeeeally low.

Hopefully next weekend I'll be able to move some furniture in there and get out to Ikea to get the rest of what I need (new headboard-less/footboard-less bed frame and bookcases). More photos to come after that happens.


Amanda Martocchio

Amanda Martocchio Architecture and Design is a firm based in New Canaan, CT that embraces sustainable design and new technologies. Amanda's designs are classic and very much timeless, with modern touches to keep the spaces current. Perfection I'd call particular some of the bathrooms featured below. (I've already saved them to my inspiration file for my future bathroom renos).


Kay Kollar

Kay Kollar gives a unique voice to the spaces she creates. They are at once practical and beautiful. She uses words such as personal portrait and language of design when describing her work and it's obvious the sense of the space is paramount. Calm and classic, contemporary and unique, livable and lovely.


Easter reading guide ... part 4

I'm exhausted but it was worth it. I've overdosed on wonderful blogs but there is always room for just a few more. Find that comfy chair, perhaps a herbal tea and swear to never eat another easter egg again ... until next year.