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Finola Inger

When I came across Finola Inger's website, I was so envious of her career as a stylist. To have access to such gorgeous items, and to display them in such a way that they photograph so beautifully. She's had 9 years of experience, has worked for Elle Decoration and dabbled in trend prediction, art direction, interior design and shop design. Her talent is evident in these photos.


My sudden love for yellow

I have noticed lately that I'm drawn to the colour yellow. I think it has to do with how much I love summer and yellow is such a beautiful summery colour. So I figured I'd do a post on different uses and ranges of yellow. Since I have basically no yellow in my home, this post is inspiration to change that.

Pale yellow walls are so warm and inviting, and would brighten up any room without being too jarring.

Better Homes and GardensJennifer Worts
Bernstein & AndriulliJay Jeffers

One of my favourite shades is acid yellow, for those who are a bit more daring and enjoy bold colours.

Gal Nauer ArchitectsJenny Armit

Bright yellow walls will bring a smile to anyone's face but would be tough to decorate (and live) with.

PointClickHomeMarie Claire Maison

A yellow (and turquoise) country-style kitchen would have everyone milling around while food is prepared.

Cottage LivingThis Old House

If yellow walls are too much to commit to, then how livening things up with some yellow art ....throw in some red accent furniture for an extra hit of colour and you're set.

Jason LoucasMichael Formica
Sköna hemAlex Papachristidis

Accents in yellow work with all sorts of colour schemes...reds, greens, pinks, blues, the list is surprisingly endless.

Riehl DesignsMark Luscombe-Whyte
Sköna hemHotel Home Buenos Aires


Tips on moving

Images from Design Hub

Want to make your moving less arduous? Send your furniture to the upholsterer's and let him deliver it when it's done! I picked up 3 pieces of this Grant Featherston modular suite (2 single chairs and a corner) for about $60 AUS at a thrift store. Mine had been recovered at some stage in a horrid floral tapestry with ruffles at the base. Soon they will be sporting charcoal grey pinstripe wool. This is the starting point of my office. What would you do if you had these retro beauties in your office? (Please ignore if you think they are the most hideous things you have ever seen but they are in the permanent collection of the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.)


Office overload


Paul Costello

Thanks to photographer Paul Costello, I am determined to get myself a new camera for my birthday. A fancy schmancy one. Once I get this camera, I will stare at his photos for inspiration, so that I can, via osmosis perhaps, take beautiful photos too.