Yes, folks, our blogroll has finally been updated. Thanks to everyone who wrote to us with links to their blogs. I think we've got a pretty good list going now, and it's subject to a couple minor changes along the way as well.

Since all of our posts feature some sort of photo, I thought I'd add photos I took yesterday of my Morrisburg antique fair finds. Nothing too exciting this time around, but my wallet is thanking me for that.


Playing hooky from blogging

I'm supposed to be drafting posts for this week but I'm spending my afternoon recovering my dining room chairs. All six of them. They're part of a dining set made in Brisbane by Danish immigrant Hans Larsen who made furniture to Danish designs using Australian rainforest timbers during the 60s. These chairs are blackbean not teak. I love them so much but felt I needed a change from their black leather seats. So I recovered them with ..... a table cloth. Don't worry their original covers are still underneath. Only 5 more to go! Oh and a weeks worth of posts still to do. P.S The pots are West German floor vases, another collecting vice I have.


Darren Henault

Darren Henault produces elegant, eclectic interiors with a cosmopolitan vibe. Comfortable, intimate, timeless. Polished, poised and perfect his rooms reflect the personality of his clients. One of the dining rooms (4th picture) is Meatloaf's. Who would have guessed that such an elegant room belonged to the Bat Out of Hell?



WINKS - weekend links. Here we list what has come in during the week, things we think you'll like to see. If you'd want to see your blog or website featured email us and if we think it fits with our readers we'll link you.
  • Another great Indian blog DesignFlute from Roma in Mumbai.
  • Tuesday Winslow wants to share her website Mirrors and Such where she showcases her decorative papier-mache mirrors.
  • Melissa is working as an intern for Kitchen & Bath Business (a business to business magazine) and sent us this link to Kitchen and Bath Business online and K+BB magazine. Check it out especially if that's your design field!
  • Another great new blog that some of you will already know about More Ways to Waste Time . A definite read! Thanks Leah.
  • Nancy from CasaSugar emailed to let us know that they have launched CasaSugar with a West Elm sponsorship, which includes a $5,000 giveaway that runs through Aug 19. Check it out. Great new blog in the Sugar stable and a $5000 West Elm giveaway!!
  • Thanks Kara for the link to Twenty2's new range of bedding for Nurseryworks. Don't miss the great furniture and rugs on this site too if a nursery is on your to do list.
  • May December Home is a little shop in Sebringville, Ontario, dedicated to the re-use of other people's cast-offs and it's a great new blog. Barb says it's for people who like to roll up their sleeves and get busy on the weekends.
  • Jenny posted this great piece on How To Give Your Home a Makeover — 8 Easy Steps on her blog boostle.
  • New blog from Germany (in German) Inspirationen. Manuela has a new apartment and a blog full of things that are inspiring her as she renovates. Good luck with both Manuela.
  • And finally Andyland have a new blog Living in Andyland. (Kim featured their work here.) Alexandra and Ulrika live in Stockholm so there is a naturally a focus on Scandinavian design. Absolute definite!! Where am I going to find time to fit in all these new blogs!

That's it for this week. Plenty more winks for next weekend. Kim and I are busy checking all the great link swaps sent in. New blogroll soon. To those who sent in links we'll be in contact soon. Thanks and have a great weekend!


Beauty from Denmark

Some gorgeous photos from Living at Home. These photos show the best of colour, and of neutrals. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I prefer the first 2 photos, or the last 2. But what fun lounge seating in the first one - so cozy and inviting.