John Loecke

John Loecke's website says it best. ".... when not producing shoots or writing design-related articles for a variety of shelter publications (Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, Hamptons, and Veranda), and other publications, he can be found running his eponymous interiors firm: John Loecke Inc. His philosophy? “Banish the beige!” as his idol, the celebrated twentieth-century designer Dorothy Draper once proclaimed. For an interior by John Loecke Inc. plays off those same sentiments, combining rich color, texture, and pattern to create delightful spaces that pop with personality and life." How about "Wit, whimsy, and fun form a solid foundation. Toss in several bold, punchy colors, and the magic comes to life." I couldn't have put it better. His use of colour brings a wide grin to my face. Life was meant to be this bold and zesty!

Images from John Loecke


Paul Massey

Paul Massey is a photographer who's been regularly featured in top decor magazines such as Elle Decoration and Living Etc. He's photographed celebrities the likes of Prince Charles, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, Mick Jagger and Goldie Hawn to name a few. He's been shot at, chased by wild elephants, poisoned, and nearly drowned in a hurricane covering a four-month transatlantic yacht race. But most importantly, he has taken to photographs of interiors that are eye-candy to remember.


Moroccan interpretations

As promised here's Scott Weston's take on the Moroccan riff. Best let him describe his ideas behind this amazing modern interpretation.

"Thought you may like to see our current project nearing completion in Sydney. It's for the editor of Vogue Australia & has symbolic & graphic modern interpretations of Moroccan tile patterns throughout the home.

We have reinterpreted old palace tile patterns & they appear as strong graphic:
1. Linear components
2. Coved monochromatic bathroom walls & floor
3. Backlit suspended ceilings
4. Dado walls to the courtyard.

The project will be published in Vogue Australia later in the year when completed. These are my office photographs during the construction phase."

Thanks Scott! It's an inspiring space. I can't wait to see the feature in Vogue magazine.


Let's do the time warp again

It's my favourite time of the week, retro time!! This week's amazing pictures are scanned from The Complete Book of Decorating. An Illustrated Guide to Designing Your Home, Corinne Benicka, Lansdowne Press, Sydney, 1980. And before someone comments they are smoking in that conversation pit. Bad people but the cushions are divine!


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