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"At the very heart of Laura Day Design is this premise: Every space, commercial or residential, can be transformed to fulfil its functionality and express the client's sense of beauty and personality." I couldn't say it better than the website.

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DAPstockholm is an interior design and architecture firm. That's about all I can say because the site is Swedish.



I think everyone could use some drama in their decor, even if it's just one glamourous mirror or an ornate brightly painted side table. I found this website of Italian company Creazioni that sells everything from tables, beds, and bookcases to mirrors, artwork and lamps. And it's all over-the-top, theatrical, glamourous, whimsical and evokes an OMG with each design.
"Revitalising the styles of the past, relaunching them in a new light that brings out the best facets of their various precious qualities, but at the same time undermining their authority from within by camouflaging them, as it were, with lively colours, unusual materials and unprecedented finishes: that is the stylistic signature, never short of a surprise or a coup de theatre of this brand..."


Outdoor rooms part 2

As the weather warms up for most of you it’s time to take another look at using outdoor spaces. Where I live in sunny subtropical Queensland we use our outdoor rooms all year round. Even in the southern parts of Australia there is only a brief period of the year where we don’t live outside. The fresh air beckons. And if you don’t have a permanent space to dine, laze and while away the day then a rug some pillows a garden set or hammock can extend your living space.

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Some beautiful photos from Bolig magasinet, a home decor magazine from Denmark.