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Just the tonic

A little bit Hollywood Regency. A little bit midcentury glam. A little bit calm and classic with a fresh bite of colour. It's about easy elegance, personality and fun. Like a lively interiors tonic this Sunset Plaza home by LA-based interior designer Ames Ingham has put some pep in my weekend.

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An addition and renovation in Wellington Village

I wanted to feature this home a few months ago when its interior designer Veronica Martin had contacted me but I had to wait for its appearance in the spring issue of Ottawa magazine. Now that it has hit the streets, here it is! I love this addition and renovation of an 80 year old home in the Wellington Village neighbourhood of this fine city of Ottawa. It brings some modern amenities and sophistication to an older home (that coincidentally looks like it may have been designed by the same architect as my home!) while keeping the stunning features like leaded glass windows and curved ceilings intact. The new kitchen is an absolute gem - the simple white glossy cabinetry is taken to another level with the black hardware making a subtle graphic impact. And lawd half mursey that light fixture over the dining table! *SWOON* Fantastic job Veronica! So glad to see someone bringing style and class to this city. (Photos: Urszula Muntean Photography)

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My new best friend Dyson - part 3

I have one last feature to share regarding my new best friend, the Dyson V6 Absolute cordless vacuum (previous posts are here and here). This vacuum is a dream, and honestly never ceases to amaze me each time I pull it out to use it. While still wearing my little skirt and heels, I went upstairs during my initial trials to see how it would do with the mini motorized tool whose function is to remove allergens and microscopic dust from mattresses and couches. Not only that, I discovered it is a freaking beast for removing cat fur! (DISCLAIMER: Pay no attention to the room you are about to see - I have done absolutely nothing to our bedroom since buying this house. At least I made the bed!)

Here you can see another perk to this vacuum. The V6 Absolute can be either hand-held like this, or comes with a tube and a wand depending on what you are using it for. As a hand-held it is perfect for going out and cleaning up your car (I wish I had time for that). Anyhoo, I went upstairs to try it out on my mattress. 

Of course, there was at least one cat who had to check things out. I love the idea of being able to get the gross little allergens and other nastiness that live in mattresses. I never used to do this - now I am going to every time I change my sheets (ok maybe every other time). 

In the corner of my bedroom is a cat house scratchy thing (well, it was there until we separated Georgie from her brothers and moved it up to her room) for the herd. I almost always forget to vacuum it. When I was done with the mattress, I went over to test out this little motorized head on one of the foam-upholstered shelves. 

I swear no cats were prompted to do any of these poses for these photos. I cleaned that one little shelf and nearly died at how much fur was on it and how easily this attachment was able to clean it completely. 

I was so shocked I told my husband to get a close up of the canister so you could see the huge furball that materialized in literally 5 seconds. Then I told him not to get too close because it's embarrassing. LOL

Dyson, your V6 Absolute cordless vacuum is an absolute game-changer (as I keep saying). I seriously become giddy at the thought of pulling it out and vacuuming every nook and cranny. Yes, I said it. VACUMMING NOW MAKES ME GIDDY!


This post is in collaboration with Dyson Canada. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.



Getaway, faraway. Need a virtual escape from the daily grind? Join me for a fantasy long weekend here in Belgium. We'll rent this converted carriage house. There will be lazing about and chatting, communal meals and lots of wine, quiet moments and riotous laughter. Aaahhhh! We can dream can't we. The Heerlijkheid Van Marrem Residence via Kid & Coe.

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Spaces of note

A dreamy living room. The ceiling-mount lights give me heart palpitations. 

Love the massive loungey sofa, and the hanging display boxes and clips (?)

OMG I want that alien dude!! (Anyone know what it is? Saw it a while back and didn't take note dammit)

Lighting always ALWAYS makes a room.

Via Kristofer Johnsson