Woodson & Rummerfield

In June 2005, Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield opened Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design. They like to call their look mod vintage or "MODAGE". A mix of exquisite furniture, art, treasured finds and a quirky finesse they epitomise Hollywood Regency and the cult of cool. Check out their site for more stunning images.....PS *terramia* has a great post on W & R as well.


Flickr Finds

Here are my favourite Flickr finds of the week to end your weekend. Enjoy!

Mikael Colville-AndersenS. Balcomb
JAGwiredSo Sylvie
S. BalcombAccolady



Just for the fun of it! Rooms that make you say OMG. For the brave and the extrovert.

Elle DecorAustralian Vogue Living
Elle DecorElle Decor

Who can send us the most over the top interior? Let's share the joy .........
P.S. If you want to make your own monster size nude girl with red bubbles for the wall go to The Rasterbator.


Audrey wants to share!

Audrey sent me an email with links to her favourite rooms all the way from Toronto. Funny thing is she's from Melbourne. Here's what she had to say.....

I thought I'd add some inspirational photos from my stylefile!! Everyone loves Kate Spade... I love her home! Featured on Oprah's website it's a stunning
compilation of stripes and greens and reds! And Nate Berkus.....I love his work! One of my favourite makeovers is also featured on Oprah's website. Just love the colours, the simplicity, the clean lines, the well chosen pieces, LOVE LOVE LOVE the teal blue chest! Oh I also LOVVVVVEEEEE another of Berkus' work on a zebrawood gloss kitchen doors with yummy delectable green-tiled splashback.

Kate Spade's houseNate Berkus

Nate Berkus


Ghislaine Viñas

Vane Becidyan just sent me a link to one of the most amazing designers I've ever seen. Ghislaine Viñas's work leaves me speechless - it's so graphic and colourful! She's been featured in many magazines, including O At Home. There were so many amazing photos on her website that I think I'll need to do a second installment for this post (so stay tuned!). (Thanks Vane!)