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Sophisticated 70s 

It seems that most Mondays I want to run away. I never seem to be able to face the new working week. Today I want to be wandering through the marble halls of interior designer Caroline Legrand's Ibiza pad. A monochromatic palette, sophisticated 70s pieces and texture on texture. Brown and beige never looked so cool.

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Kim's favourite vignettes 2016


Working on a Saturday

If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend it better be somewhere stylish. It also helps if it's actually in your own home and just a short commute from sofam to office. You know how I sometimes say that if I worked somewhere I really liked I'd never go home? Well in this case I really could move in. By Taiwanese interior design firm Ganna Studio.

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Kim's favourite foyers 2016


Hugh Leslie

Quintessential English style with a touch of colour and an eye for detail. It's calm, inviting, charming. Love the art, the personal touches, the sense of belonging. Two houses, one in the city, the other in the country all from the portfolio of London-based Hugh Leslie.

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