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Summer memories

As the colder months close in I'm searching for summer touchstones, memories to store away and take out now and again to keep the promise of warmer days to come. I think I'll be scrolling through these images over and over. Bright sun, amazing views of Sydney, intimate garden. By Peter Fudge Gardens.

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Castle Rock House

"We are as a practise interested in the trade-off between convenience and delight. We believe that the more the building demands that you engage with nature and basic daily rituals the more delightful the experience will be." - Herbst Architects.

I am delighted, entranced, challenged and content. Two pavilions perch on a ridge overlooking a small beach. Indoors and out meet and mix blurring boundaries, extending views, enhancing the get away from it all holiday vibe. The New Zealanders truly know how to design a family holiday home.


A vintage Russian apartment

I found this really cool apartment in Russia on The Village and had to share. The owners - I think they're interior designers from what the translation came up with - decorated this almost to perfection (I have issues with the curtains but I can let that go). Filled with antiques and thrift store finds, the somewhat Parisian decor works so well against the brick walls and herringbone parquet floors. The sleeping lost is a little gem, and I adore the huge art wall and bistro vibe in the kitchen. This would be a fun airbnb.

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Stalking leftovers

Sometimes I feel like I don't have to write an introduction to my stalking leftover posts. You know I'm fussy. You know what I like and dislike. The not quite rights, the can't see enough, the oh my gods. You know what you have to do :) Click on the links to go to the listings. All via

P.S. If I owned the "white house" I'd only wear red.

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More outdoor inspiration

More outdoor inspiration from those lucky Australians who get to enjoy the outdoors year round. Sometimes it makes me want to hate Jo. ;)
Via Homelife (photos: Michael Wee, Lisa Cohen, Prue Ruscoe, Mark Roper, Sharyn Cairns, Lucas Allen)