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Industrial chic

When I spotted this home on Shoot Factory I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Industrial chic style with beautiful architectural details with white painted exposed brick and wood panelling and moldings in every nook and cranny. Paint some of it black and I am having heart palpitations. Add a marble countertop and I can hardly breathe. (Blakes London seems to have had something to do with this).  

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Working on a Saturday

It's like I say time and again. If you have to drag your sorry self into work on a Saturday then it certainly helps if it's somewhere stylish. Like this light and bright workplace in Melbourne's CBD, Melcorp Property by Studio Tate.

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Eye candy to end the week 

Photo: Dean J. Birinyi

Happy weekend folks! 


A' Design Award & Competition - Winners / Results Announced

The A' Design Awards & Competition has ended for another year and the winners have been announced. Here are the interior design related winners for 2015-2016.

A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award 2015 - 2016 Period Winners

The Urban Foundry Restaurant And Bar by Ketan Jawdekar

Adda Multifunctional Cafe by Ketan Jawdekar

Samba Elite Brazilian BBQ Steakhouse Industrial Rustic Design by Matthew Lim & Team

Mini Punjab Restaurant by Ketan Jawdekar

A' Lighting Products and Projects Design Award 2015 - 2016 Period Winners

Baggy Lamp by Elnur Babayev

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Styling for sale

A dear reader of ours named Erin was talked into setting up a real estate staging and styling business in Perth, Western Australia after nailing it on a couple of homes she staged for friends and neighbours of friends. This townhouse in West Perth is one of them - and it's already under offer (if not sold by now).

There are more than enough 1 bed new to newish apartments in this suburb and surrounding suburbs where the balcony’s overlook each other plus there are 50 to 150 of them in each block. This one’s saving grace is it’s in a group of 8 that allows pets unlike the apartments. Pets are like plants in my eyes.  They make a house a home. Ideally I would have loved to wack art on the walls but as the whole place was freshly painted inside and out the owner wanted to leave the walls clear so the new owners can hammer away til their hearts content.  I also would have loved to put another rug or two in but I need more rugs like a hole in the head as with the owner.  I am though still trying to source a well priced rug to possibly put underneath the wee dining table. we did this using mine and the owners furniture with all linen, cushions, vases, plants, basically every accessory you can see coming from me. I did get the owner to spring for the rug in the upstairs sitting area which we sourced from gumtree which is similar to craigslist as she was happy to keep this after the sale. The owner wasn't keen on hiring furniture and admittedly I would rather purchase second hand to keep costs down and sell furniture on after the sale to save costs for the owner. Plus she had a few sofas and coffee tables in her main residence, borrowed a spare bed from her mum and luckily owned the eames and expedit. I'm a big believer, in beg, borrow and steal, purchase what you need and store anything downright ugly and not suited to the target buyer. But will hire furniture if need be.

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