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Westhampton beach playhouse

The New York based design team of Chango & Co. continue to blow me away with their spectacular spaces. This home is by far one of my favourites. It helps that it is a beach house. You can pretty much get away with anything at a client's second home - like pineapple wallpaper and REALLY bright yellow paint. The tricky part is having "fun" designing a giant five bedroom beach house that needs a major overhaul (and a lot of minor construction) on a ten-week timeline. So with complete creative freedom, but very little time, we set out to design a home that would serve as an escape from the city and the restraints of apartment living for this young couple and their three beautiful (and very playful) children. From the front porch, this home looks like any other house in the quiet family neighborhood that surrounds it. When the door you enter reveals a banana yellow interior, the foyer leads to a formal dining room with pineapple patterned walls, then into a candy-colored kitchen… you know you’re in the midst of people who know how to have fun. Each room was crafted around the vividly colorful personalities in the family to encourage as much unrestrained joy & unconfined playtime as possible and the end result is a celebration of whimsy & lightness of spirit… a true playhouse for kids, big and small alike. (Photos: Sean Litchfield)

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Beachy pastels

A pastel, beachy oasis on this Christmas Eve by the talented Mr. Waller. With a high of 16 Celsius today and no possible way we are going to have a white Christmas here in Ottawa (a rarity), we might as well be celebrating the holidays on a beach. :) And on that note, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Jo will be taking over the blogging for the next week and I will do the following week, with favourite spaces from our 2015 posts, so stay tuned for all that goodness, because we NEVER STOP! Cheers!


Beach house beauty

There's something about a beach house that gets me every time. I don't think it's because it's summer here and I'm craving an escape to sea and sand. No I'd be happy in the dead of winter. I think it's the way of life. Relaxed, nothing too precious to worry about breaking or ruining with damp swim suits and sand (OK use a dry towel on the couch). A family home, a place for friends to congregate, an oasis from the hubbub of everyday life. In my dreams I have a beach house just like this Hamptons cottage by Jenny Wolf Interiors.

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Modern Hamptons

Behind the shingles is this a typical Hamptons holiday home? Not quite. New York-based Axis Mundi's interiors for this Sagaponack shingle cottage, designed by architect Blaze Makoid, eschew the linen, wicker and crayfish pot cliché, instead embracing a modern beach house, sleek, clean lined, bright and sunny just like the days spent by the ocean. A modern perspective.

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Chilean concrete

A stunning location and a stunning building. Almost like paper folds except with concrete. Rugged, box-like, brutal lines broken by walls of glass. A contemporary home on an ancient coast. Casa Ronco by Chilean architectural firm Estudio Valdés.

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