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Strandwood House

Sitting snugly on the Gager marina on Rügen Island, Germany is a simple, stylish house that references its site, the history and construction of the boat houses that hug the shore. Think casual, natural materials, panoramas and light flooding in. Now think holiday rental. You'd find me sitting by the window mesmerised by the view. Strandwood House - modern, maritime style.

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I want to be here

Just off the coast from Brisbane is beautiful sand island, Stradbroke Island, a holiday destination for most and home for a lucky few. Beach shacks were common, cobbled together from whatever could be found locally or easily transported by barge to the island. This is changing as modern developments gobble up the old beach homes so it is refreshing to see existing shacks maintained and thoughtfully extended. This Point Lookout shack was originally built by artist David Nutter in conjunction with his architect father Danny Nutter. Brisbane based architects Marc & Co were given the task of improving the flow between the series of shacks and sheds that make up the house, adding decks and outdoor showers while improving the connection to the landscape. A simple way of living, a satisfying way of holidaying.

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Amy Trowman

Casual, beachy, rustic, bohemian...South Carolina based interior designer Amy Trowman designs spaces that are all of the above, and so much more. Sophisticated yet don't mind if the dog scratches the floor and bare feet are a must. Her kitchens are soooo dreamy. My favourite one is up next. 

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The Herringbone

Similar to The Oyster Catcher that Jo had featured a few months back, The Herringbone is another holiday rental property of phootgrapher Paul Massey in Mousehole, Cornwall, UK. After the week I have had I would love nothing more than to leave everything at home (cats, electronics, real estate agents, maybe even husband) and spend a few days here with nothing but good food and good books. *SIGH* (Via Unique Home Stays)

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Family beach house

A new build house is given a super dose of character and colour. Savannah, Georgia based Rethink Design Studio has taken a basically "nice" shell and created a fun family beach house. It's about adding architectural details, personal pieces, splashes of colour and keeping everything light hearted and casual. Favourite bits? The bunk room on the first floor screened off with curtains. Great for kids and all those extra guests. Me? I"ll take one of the peaceful bedrooms. Sea glass colours have always been a fav.

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