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Minimalist beauty

there's something about long linen curtains puddling on concrete floors.....

there's something about a random chair in a corner sitting on original hardwood flooring...

there's something about an unmade bed and an almost bare wall...

Stunning. Line Klein.


Sweet dreams

Love this bedroom by New York-based Kwinter & Co. The rug, the nail detail to the headboard, the retro vibe to the furniture and the art. Hang it all I'll just settle for the rug if push came to shove.


Holding court

I'd never get out of bed. You would all have to make a pilgrimage to visit me. With a tangle of hair and a killer vintage bed jacket I'd be holding court, drink in hand, a young something standing attentively to fulfill my every barked order. New York loft by Rick Joy Architects.


Hotel Henriette Rive Gauche

It's almost like a drinking game. Colour blocking, dirty pastels, plywood, bedside pendant lights and coloured flex, retro furniture, cane mirrors and rooms with great French bones. Moroccan rugs, kilim chairs, sheepskins, leather gym pads as bedhead and indigo. Linen sheets, palm wallpaper, painted floors, tumbling block tiles and cane saucer chairs. Have we got all the trends covered? Who cares! I love it all! I want it all! Anyone else for a Parisian getaway to Hotel Henriette Rive Gauche?

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A master suite by Gisele Taranto

This master suite is what Gisele Taranto came up with for Casa Cor 2013. The space was designed for a couple who value intimacy and privacy, and is therefore TV-less! It brings together the indoors and outdoors with floor to ceiling glass dorrs between the bedroom and terrace, and a skylight above the shower area. This is a dreamy bedroom suite, whose bathroom alone is larger than my bedroom. *sigh* (More of Gisele's work can be found here and here)