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Jo and Kim together at last!

Here we are together at last ...... and this is where we’ll be from October 1 for the week. Yes we’re guest blogging on design*sponge! How exciting!!!! But don’t worry we’re gluttons for punishment. We’ll still be posting here for the week so it’ll be a double dose of desire to inspire. ( As Kim and I have never met I thought I’d draw us together. It’ll be a while before we can get together for a photograph!)

P.S. Kim's the one with the short hair.


So honoured

It appears this blog of ours was spotted by Blogger folks today. We are listed on their "Blogs of Note" section. What a huge honour. Thanks to whoever at Blogger was responsible for this and a big thanks to all our fellow bloggers who noticed and are paying us a visit. :)


Influential bloggers

Our blog friend Stan Tham of The Home Rejuvenation Blog emailed us about a survey he is conducting on his blog to find out who the influential bloggers (blogs) in our design community are. So please go here for more information and take a couple of minutes to nominate your top five candidates. Thanks! (Photos below are spaces Stan designed)


Holiday snaps!

What do you do when you go on holidays? Relax by the pool, visit family, sightsee or shop to you drop? Now what do designers do when they go on holidays? They scour a city for anything design related, camera clutched tightly in hand. Susan Sera blogger extraordinaire and talented kitchen designer certainly had her camera at the ready during her recent family trip to Denmark. Susan promised a number of blogs to take photos while she was away. These are the ones she took for us. Not only has Susan a great eye she is an amazing photographer.

You may recognise the first photo. As a strange coincidence we posted about Atelier September while Susan was away. Her photos capture the store in all it's faded glory. And here's a little teaser of the other photos she sent. All will be revealed tomorrow when we wander through another Copenhagen store thanks to Susan. We also have some holiday snaps Greg Natale took while in L.A. recently. How come everyone's on holidays except me?

P.S. Don't forget to click on the photos. They are stunning supersized!!


A beautiful space

I was just perusing all my favourite blogs when I came across a beautiful photo on Mark Cutler's blog of a vanity space he designed. It's so damn pretty I had to post it. I've always wanted a little corner with a gorgeous vanity table and venetian mirror and adorable chair to sit and have a tea and put my makeup on. You outdid yourself again Mark!