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SuperLimão Studio

Big on style and small on budget. Brazil for the win! Apartmento VR by São Paulo based architects SuperLimão Studio.

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Histórias de Casa

Bruna Lourenço and Paula Passini are interior designers from Brazi who wrote us the other day to share their latest venture - a blog that showcases 'real' homes in their city of Sao Paulo. It is called Histórias de Casa. These types of blogs seem to be gaining popularity, which is awesome because I always love seeing how people actually live in their homes, that aren't all done up and styled to the hilt for a magazine. Another blog to bookmark. :) Thank you Bruna and Paula!

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Christian Maldonado

Half the battle is getting the decor just right. The other half is taking that perfect photo to accurately capture the mood invoked by the designer. In these cases, Brazilian photographer Christian Maldonado got it just right. (And I am about to find just how difficult it is to photograph a dark room)

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Grand design

House and garden, inside and out, steel and glass, concrete and timber intersect to create a grand design. Casa Bacopari by São Paulo based UNA Arquitetos.

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Casa Pacaembu

A contemporary design where the humble concrete block is the hero. Vertical spaces tied together by a sliver of white steel. A cool spot in a tropical clime. Casa Pacaembu by São Paulo based AMC - Arquitetura e Interiores.

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