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Blue Stallion Farm

Animals have been my passion for my entire life. After that came interior design. Blue Stallion Farm blends my 2 loves together into a magical place. Gany wrote to us about her farm and 3000 sq ft home in South Florida where she lives with her husband and 4 children, 6 dogs, 2 cats, 1 pig, 11 horses, 3 zebus, birds and chickens. This is every one of my dreams come true. The home is beautiful and bright and bohemian chic - pretty much one of the happiest places I have ever seen. Throw in a squishy pig face (see last photo) and I am totally dying of pure bliss. You can read the full story on Houzz.  

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Edison Six

Benedek reached out to us about an interior design project he recently completed - a family home in Herminamez┼Ĺ, just outside Budapest. With a garage, rooftop garden, ground floor laundry room, tons of book storage in the living/dining rooms and a fireplace, this house has it all. But it is the decor that is totally irresistible. With pieces from Benedek's store Szimpla Deisgn Shop the home is fresh, fun and every single inch is carefully though out and impeccably decorated. And if anyone in that area REALLY loves it - it is for sale! You can read all of the details in Benedek's blog post

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The latest incarnation of Nikki Tibbles' home

Nikki Tibbles is a famous British florist whose home I have featured a couple of times over the past several years here when it was for sale (and didn't sell) and then here when it was up for rent. Now Nikki's 1890 5 story absolutely incredible residence is available as a location property. I would have to put this stunner in one of the top 5 I have featured in the 8 years of this blog's existence. It has so much life and energy, and quirkiness and boldness, and endless personality. Someone needs to shoot a movie here. 

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Pattern play in Poland

It's fun. It's young. It's fresh. With a base formula of white walls, exposed brick and wooden floors Polish design firm Widawscy Studio Architektury have created a home full of colour and pattern. The living areas wrap around a central core that houses a powder room and the stairs that rise to the sleeping areas. Strong geometric pattern in wallpaper and tiles packs a design punch while coloured glass in the ensuite bathroom adds rich colour to the otherwise simple white master bedroom.

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Maximalism on a Sunday

Max Humphrey of Burnham Design went all out with a totally eclectic blend of furnishings, colours and patterns in his West Hollywood apartment. Known for combining modern and traditional with a little jolt of the unorthodox, this space (with glorious original moldings) is an energetic, whimsical home that is full of life. And wow - this man loves artwork! (Via Architectural Digest Spain, Photos: Sarah Dorio)

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