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A subtly colourful home by Generation

Laid-back, Scandi-modern, jolts of colour, funky photography art, clean lines. This home is all kinds of fun and I just want to hang out forever. By Johannesburg, South Africa design firm and store Generation.

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Andrew Howard, again

I featured Florida interior designer Andrew Howard last year here and here, showcasing his talent for creating both bright and bold as well as sophisticated and neutral spaces. Here is a little bit more of both. That space above has got me all hot and bothered. YUM!


The joy of being French

I can think of a number of words to describe this 240m2 apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, colourful, eclectic, family friendly, stylish, but the word that sticks in my mind is joyous ... or perhaps riot. A joyous riot of colour and pattern and style. Imagine the delight every morning when you awake to such a wonderful home. By Alexandre Goulet, Olivia Charpentier and Dev Gupta of Paris and Shanghai-based GCG Architectes.

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Greg Natale's apartment

When you're the king of glamour and pattern and graphic design, of course your apartment would be all of the above. Welcome to the Darlinghurst apartment of Greg Natale. Monochromatic in black and white with accents of pink, this space is hot, as all his designs are. 


A colourful and unique New York apartment

Sometimes I like to blog the untouchable, the unthinkable. Because most of us cannot afford a $16.75 million dollar three bedroom, three bathroom, 7 fireplace, 4,700 sq ft apartment in Central Park West formerly owned by Judy Garland. This home was decorated by Sasha Bikoff for her mom (who recently passed away). Colour, sparkle and pattern seemed to have been high on the priority list here, creating a lavish, decadent home that you either love, or hate.

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