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A designer's home

I love to see how designers live, how they interpret their design manifesto in their personal spaces. Atlanta-based Jayme Armour has filled her small bungalow with colour, pattern and texture, layer upon layer creating a dramatic yet comfortable cocoon. Personality and playfulness aplenty with bold colours and a mix of high end and found. Yet with all this exuberance the rooms are balanced and considered.

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The Jones Fix

Layne Jones Postilion a.k.a The Jones Fix is taking bohemian chic to a whole other level. I discovered her on Instagram and her home, where several of these photos were taken, and client's spaces are rocking my boho world with tons of plants, bright colours and funky vintage finds. She's bringing it big time. (Photos: Jessica Giesey)

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More from Amie Corley

Earlier this month I featured some projects by designer Amie Corley (#1, #2), and because it was so all so fabulous I figured a third time would be an absolute charm. More bright, cheerful spaces with bold colour accents that are just enough to make even colour-phobes take notice. 

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Ode to an English kitchen

How do I love an English kitchen? Let me count the ways. I'm not talking shiny two pack with glittery stone tops and multicoloured mood lighting. I'm smitten by solid wood cabinets, fitted or preferably not, rich colours, scrubbed pine table tops and larders. It's traditional with a twist and I'm in love. Here are some of my favourites from Plain English.

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Stalking the Yellow House

I'm stalking the redevelopment of Sydney's historic Yellow House, part art gallery, part artists' collective and home to the city's bohemians ... at least it was until the mighty dollar saw the building morphing into modern (read expensive) apartment living. Still this one bedroom abode is no bland wall flower, celebrating its colourful past with Zaha Hadid wallpaper, Kreon light fittings and kaleidoscopic bathroom. Link here while it lasts.

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