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Punch of colour

A unconventional way to add some colour to your home - paint a door neon. The result is bold and fun. I love this colour combo. (Photo by Lucas Allen)


Summer gelati

A room that is a promise of summer to come. With zest and zing and joyful squeals of colour. Like scoops of fruit gelati on a hot day this wonderful bedroom, or should that be boudoir, is just the antidote to long, lingering winters. By interior designer Robert Passal.

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I wanted to share another apartment by Russian architecture and design firm INT2 architecture. This one has a totally different vibe than the last - alot less minimal, pale colours and patterns and an all around cozier and playful vibe. There's so much I love about each apartment - a blend of both would be an absolute dream. 

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Inside Out is out and it's early

Don't you love it when the next issue of your favourite magazine is about to hit the shelves? I guess what's even better is when it pops up early! Lee Tran Lam, Managing editor ofInside Out magazine emailed with a tasty tidbit from the April issue.

"I hope you don't mind if I share with you the colourful home of a photographer whose work has featured on your great blog before. Her name is Jenny Brandt, she's from Sweden, and of course, she's a talented multitasker – she's a blogger and illustrator, too. Not only does she know how to zip through her to-do list, she also has overhauled an originally dilapidated house – with its cracked façade and plastic carpet – and turned it into something vibrant and welcoming. (Adding lots of windows and colour really helped! Her dad also gets credit for painting duty – he turned the dining table an electric coat of purple.) The graphic pink-and-white pattern that jolts through one room is pretty cool, too. 

The styling is by Kicki Wieslander and, of course, Jenny took the great photos. They appear in our new April edition (surprise surprise, it's the colour issue – with a double hit of colour on the cover, too; in fact, there are two covers!)."


Love Jenny's home! Love the two covers! I've seen inside the latest issue and I love it all! a kaleidoscope of colour! Aussie readers can pick up their copy of the April Inside Out now. Don't fret if you aren't in Australia though because you can read along on  ZinioGoogle Play and the Apple Newsstand.

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A colourful beach house

You know the sort of place. It's a tiny enclave just outside a major city. Up along the coastline. There are only a limited number of houses and hardly anyone sells. Fisherman's shacks and family beach homes, the occasional misplaced McMansion. Little diamonds in the rough waiting to be transformed. Interior designer Brett Mickan has taken a simple, unpretentious holiday home and created a colourful beach retreat. Fun and fresh and stylish without being too precious. Just right for summer fun.

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