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Some colour

Melián Randolph. Not afraid of colour AT ALL. 


Black Lacquer

Los Angeles based interior designer Caitlin Murray believes that almost every room can benefit from a bit of black and a little lacquer. And a little bit of colour, mixed metals, mid century modern and texture. It's fun. It's bright. I like. It's Black Lacquer Design.

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Inside Out dials up the colour

Has a month slipped by already? I should be concerned that the year is on the downhill slide, except that if a month has passed already, then it must be time for a new issue of my favourite magazine Inside Out. Managing Editor Lee Tran Lam has sent us a little teaser from the pages of the September issue out Thursday.

"I thought you might like the colour blast of our cover story. It's on the home of artist Megan Weston and her bold approach to making art is echoed by the palette-friendly look of her house. She turns up the brightness in details such as pixellated, high-patterned rugs and vivid splashes of paint. But you don't need sunglasses to view the rooms, either, as she drafts in moody patches of dramatic dark tones where needed. It's a wonderful home, full of life – and beautifully styled by Julia Green and photographed by Armelle Habib."

Talk about dialling up the colour! I have always loved Megan's paintings and now I love her home too. Can't wait to see more in this month's issue out tomorrow. Don't fret if you aren't in Australia though. You can read along on  ZinioGoogle Play,  the Apple Newsstand and Nook.

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A townhome by Juliette Byrne

Juliette Byrne is an architect and interior designer from London and this Fulham townhome she designed is alot of fun, with accents of pink and teal for a homeowner who likes it bold. It is sophisticated and youthful with modern furnishings and blingy bits to add to the wow factor (as if the colour wasn't enough - go big or go home!)

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Working on a Saturday

If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend then things are so much easier if your workplace is stylish and fun. Like the chambers of Hilditch Lawyers in South Australia designed by Williams Burton Leopardi. Theatrical, tongue in cheek, bold and quirky this is no fuddy-duddy legal firm. More fabulous than old fogey. More modern than mossy.

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