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I grew up having it drilled in my head that you NEVER EVER wear shoes in the house. And I still believe that. Because I don't want the dog shit you just stepped on smeared on my antique kilim. Bring some cute little slippers/flats when I invite you over. Maybe one of these days I'll just stencil it on the floor like above. 

Love the setup of these bookcases. The first photo is just a freaking food pantry, yet everything is so well organized you almost have to look twice to realize it's not just some knick knacks on display. And the second photo shows how stacking books in small piles makes it look sculptural and more interesting graphically. 

Photos via Douglas Friedman


My inspiration stash - round 1

I thought I would do a little something different today so last night I went through my inspiration folder (always a bit sad as it seems rebuilding this house is never going to become reality) and picked out all of the photos that really stand out and make me have heart palpitations. So here's the first batch. 

This has been my favourite wood floor for EVER. I adore the rustic/raw look. DREAMY. (Via Hus & Hem)

While I love my current kitchen, black and white kitchens always get me going. The tile backsplash is perfection. (Via Anna Carin Design)

My next kitchen absolutely must have some sort of butler's pantry type situation going on. Check out the little space off this kitchen. (Elizabeth's lake house

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Flooring love

I adore wide plank hardwood so much....but then herringbone has always captivated me (seems so Parisian-apartment-like). This apartment is pretty sweet, and I love the long hallway-type layout, but OMG the hardwood floor just blows me away. And I need some antique chairs that are stripped/falling apart/left raw. Lovely! (Via Le case di Elixìr)

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Great bones

This post isn't so much about the interior design (because there isn't really any, besides some lovely chair porn happening in the main living space) but rather the architecture. And CUT architectures got it so very right. It's a 6th floor Parisian apartment that was renovated into a bright, modern space while maintaining the extraordinary details of the original space but get this...the random hexagonal tile section in the living room was formerly where the bathroom was. How cool that they kept that section of flooring there. 

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Coffeeklatch extras

Here are a few photos that really piqued my interest on Coffeeklatch...

A black wall is always a good thing. And ceramic deer just make me happy. 

LOVE this industrial cart for storage - especially cool in a kitchen. 

This raw wood flooring is a dream.

Perfect art in a kitchen.