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Saturday share

I'm starting the design process for my new kitchen. Floors weren't particularly on my radar but they are now. Looks like the old ones will have to come up and new ones laid. I have a thing for white boards. Not necessarily white painted floors. I'm talking white stained, limed, light timber floors. The search has begun. I'm trawling the web. But then what do I find? A great post on Australian interior designer Shareen Joel's design hub Share Design. (It's a great online source of inspiration as well as naming the names and giving the links for product.) Tips & Trends: Beautiful Timber Flooring. Bingo! I've always loved Shareen's floors in her Sorrento beach home. Gorgeous aren't they? Hmmmm .... thinking the same for my kitchen would be fabulous with my white painted brick walls. I'm madly clicking links and finding new suppliers ... and importantly for me Australian links. OK now I'm off to find more posts on Share Design that will cut down my search time like one on floor stains and washes. Thanks Shareen for doing all the hard work. Now that's what I call a Saturday share!




There's nothing like rough/raw wood floors. Via Brent Humphreys

White kitchen with subway tiles and gold/brass accents = heaven. Via Michael Graydon



Delicious. Divine. Dinesen. A Danish flooring company that sources floor boards that are so beautiful, so perfect that the best in the business must have them in their designs. Think Anoushka Hempel, John Pawson and almost any Scandinavian architect you can name. I stumbled across them when I found the MacDonald Wright Architects website. There, lurking in the links, was a company that puts the wood in my flooring love. Oh bad, bad pun but folks if I could marry a piece of oak or Douglas fir I'd tie the knot with these planks.

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Caught my eye

The following photos caught me eye recently while doing blog research.

Funky artwork via Haynes-Roberts

Interesting take on closing in a staircase via Harvey Hine

Loving the colours in this rustic hardwood flooring via Harvey Hine


Hardwood floors to die for

I am STILL on the hunt for hardwood for my house additions/renovations (see this post) and OMG it's tough when you're as picky as I am. I was just going through some of my photo stash and came across these photos...dear gawd if this flooring could be mine....

(photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer)