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Hi everyone and welcome to a new week on Desire to Inspire. I've been thinking of imperfection over the weekend. I went to see a house and I'm trying my hardest now to buy it. We should know in a few of days after the banks and building inspectors and valuers and agents have prodded and poked, massaged figures and stared down sellers. The house was built in 1860 and got me wondering about imperfection and the beauty of gently aged things. If we are successful I don't want to gut renovate but to slowly add my own layers to the old house. To leave a crack or an unevenly plastered walls. To cherish the footsteps worn in the cedar stairs. To gently clean the wood burning stove and live with the warped floorboards. I don't have photos yet to show you but instead I wanted to share the tattered beauty of another home, this one English, one of the locations from Oak Management. Why do we so often race in and rip out ?




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Taking it outdoors ... retro

Retro time! This week we're taking it outside and way back to the 60s. From potting sheds to pavilions, trees in tables to houses in trees. You'll find cool cubbies for the kids after the jump. I used to dream of having a fabulous hideaway just like the A-frame when I was a tike. Still do. Images this week are scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol 13 OUT to PAR, Greystone Press, New York, 1971.

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Down at the end of the garden ...

... is a very special place. Where fantasy and folly meet greenery and stone. Old sits with new made old and cool breezes ruffle scented foliage. In the heat of the day blue water beckons and secret garden rooms are filled with forgotten treasures. Michael Trapp travels the world to find antiques and architectural fragments to weave his magic at the bottom of a very special garden.


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Spirit Level

I was following the links to our co-contributors on the Inside Out piece and found beautiful gardens designed by Spirit Level Designs, a Sydney based landscape firm of architects, designers, artists, horticulturists and stone masons. What wonderful lush spaces. I love the use of stone and the layering of textures and shapes. These are gardens you want to wander into, to become part of the landscape, to belong. I wish the images on their website were just a little larger so their lush green beauty would jump out of the screen a bit more. Still I have no trouble imagining myself brushing against the leaves by the path or hearing the soft tinkle of water features. Lovely.

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Greenart Gardens

It's warming up for our northern hemisphere readers so it's a perfect time for a little garden inspiration. Australian landscape design firm Greenart Gardens does just that. Wonderful outdoor rooms and gorgeous greenery. I don't think I'd want to come back inside with garden spaces like these.