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Leave you wanting more

Dear Real Estate Agent,

I am writing to bring to your attention a short falling in your internet advertising I feel you may wish to address. Although I know that the pictures you upload to the real estate websites you use are only meant as a teaser, something to compel me to ring you, give you all my personal details, sell my soul to you and as well of those of my family just so I can trapped alone with you at a house viewing and under your hypnotic spell sign a contract there and then at full asking price, I wonder if just a few more pictures at the very beginning is too much to ask for. (Particularly for this lovely Darlinghurst, Sydney home.) I promise I will still be compelled to ring and give you my heart and soul. I promise I am not just real estate stalking. Pinky swear I promise.

Kind regards,


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I just sacked the painters

My 150 year old floor is ruined. There is paint spilled everywhere. The job is as dodgy as all get out and I have a massive weekend of cleaning ahead of me. And this is just one room I'm talking about. I have saved the rest of the house! Please forgive me if I post another stalking house. I find this one calming. So lovely. So restful. So beautifully painted ;) Wish me luck. I'm heading back upstairs with a bottle of wine and a paint scraper to rescue what is left of the once beautiful patina on my cedar floors. Link for this lovely house here while it lasts.


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Down at the end of the garden with Michael Wee

Here it is the end of the week and I'm still lost in Michael Wee's portfolio. This time I've been wandering through the stunning gardens he has photographed. I'm particularly taken by the city backyards. Small spaces, clever ideas and great shots by Michael.


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In far off Zanzibar ...

Paradise on a crescent beach of sherbet white sand. Domed pavilions straddle the ridge. Views filled with dreams of the spice routes. Exotic, exclusive, remote and relaxing. The name of this slice of heaven? Kilindi. Perhaps it's Swahili for perfect .........


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Paul Gervais

Today is another garden day. Unlike yesterday's post these gardens are more formal. Clipped and manicured, trellised and trained. Elegant and sophisticated and in dreamy far away climes. Olive groves glimpsed over stone walls, terracotta complimenting lush green grass. It's broad brush strokes and attention to detail. I'm in love with the fantasy of these glorious gardens by Paul Gervais.

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