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Brazilian garden

This next post comes from Renato of Rio de Janeiro: I'm a brazilian fan of your delightful DTI ..after so much inspiration I thought I also had something to inspire you (and other readers) too! The plant is called Mucuna, and is the flaming hot sister of the suave blue Jade ...


Beach stalking 3

I promise this is my last beach stalking for the week. Today's beach home is not quite what you would expect from a seaside residence. It's darker, moodier and more masculine but it is still relaxed and focuses on bringing the outside in. It reflects its position further back from the sea in a canal estate. It's more urban resort than seaside chic and oh so cool. Love the garden ideas in this one. Link here while it lasts.

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Glass box stalking

A traditional facade and a glass extension. A fusion of contemporary modern living and heritage. Sometimes there is a little secret tucked away in the backyard and in the case of this Surry Hills, Sydney home it is a stylish glass pavilion. Love the connection between indoors and out. The lush garden just a stretch away. Sometimes the you can't judge a book by its cover.

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Leave you wanting more

Dear Real Estate Agent,

I am writing to bring to your attention a short falling in your internet advertising I feel you may wish to address. Although I know that the pictures you upload to the real estate websites you use are only meant as a teaser, something to compel me to ring you, give you all my personal details, sell my soul to you and as well of those of my family just so I can trapped alone with you at a house viewing and under your hypnotic spell sign a contract there and then at full asking price, I wonder if just a few more pictures at the very beginning is too much to ask for. (Particularly for this lovely Darlinghurst, Sydney home.) I promise I will still be compelled to ring and give you my heart and soul. I promise I am not just real estate stalking. Pinky swear I promise.

Kind regards,


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I just sacked the painters

My 150 year old floor is ruined. There is paint spilled everywhere. The job is as dodgy as all get out and I have a massive weekend of cleaning ahead of me. And this is just one room I'm talking about. I have saved the rest of the house! Please forgive me if I post another stalking house. I find this one calming. So lovely. So restful. So beautifully painted ;) Wish me luck. I'm heading back upstairs with a bottle of wine and a paint scraper to rescue what is left of the once beautiful patina on my cedar floors. Link for this lovely house here while it lasts.


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