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Around my house

I thought I would share a few small happenings around my house from the past long weekend. First is a new mirror for the newly renovated powder room. I could not find a vintage shaving mirror (thrifting/flea markets for the most part suck around these parts) so we had taken the door off an old wooden medicine cabinet (as seen in this post). Home decor shops also for the most part suck around here (there's no C&B, West Elm etc. etc. - we have Ikea) but last week my sister and I headed down to Zone Maison because she wanted some knick knacks and I ended up finding the perfect mirror for my bathroom! And it was $49.50! I hung it over my Jieldé et voilà:

Last weekend after taking my mom out to lunch for Mother's Day in Chinatown, we stopped in at Highjinx - one of my favourite thrift shops (where all proceeds go to helping Ottawa's homeless). I dropped off a gorgeous table I have had for years from Pier 1 Imports that no longer works in any of my immediate family members' homes (my twin had been using it for a few years) and found a vintage wooden toolbox that I had to bring home for $65 (and my thing is to always pay about $10 more than the awesome ladies who run the shop ask for, so make that $75). I decided to use it on my dining table filled with random stuff, so the wooden rod/handle was removed and I now have a new centrepiece! Inside are a tin candle holder I bought in Mexico, a West German vase with eucalyptus, an Asian lantern, a plant from my coffee table, a candlestick from an art shop in Almonte, a vintage chipped vase with billy buttons from my wedding, and a bottle of wine my mom gave me that my nonno had made before he passed away (in the 80s).

This new centrepiece meant I had to do some rearranging around the kitchen. So this happened on a corner of my counter:

I also did a bunch of gardening lately...all in pots/boxes etc. because we still have hopes to wreck this house so nothing permanent. We used all of the plastic barrels my husband had brought home last summer and cut in half - they house lavendar and some tomatoes and peppers. I put some herbs in a box and a half a barrel and some plants in some cute pots I had found at Ikea and BMR. Phoebe thought it was fun to hide amongst some of them. 


I want to blog from here ....

Sigh. Wouldn't it be perfect. Tied to a computer terminal but just steps away from this lovely courtyard. From a townhouse in the upper east side by Rees Roberts.


Backyard inspiration

With the warm weather my garden is shooting away. I swear I can almost see the plants growing. Up until now my backyard has been a little hit and miss. A cutting stuck in here. An overgrown houseplant liberated into a garden bed there. It's time to get serious. It's time to channel my inner gardener. My husband and I don't want to be weekend slaves to the lawn mower. We are lucky to have old brick pavers but as they were once a driveway they cut through the space with surgical precision. It all needs a little softening. We would love rambling groundcovers or meandering paths of crushed granite. Perhaps vines and stands of bamboo. Definitely overgrown. Somewhere shady to sit. Maybe we'll break up the paving into a checkerboard of plants and bricks and gravel. Something graphic but still casual with space for a veggie bed. I've started collecting inspiration. Here are a few ideas from two of my favourite Australian landscape designers ... Eckersley Garden Architecture and Brendan Moar. I can see a trip to my garden centre very soon.

Eckersley Garden Architecture

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refuge pronunciation:/ˈrɛfjuːdʒ/ - a place to hide, have privacy. Synonyms: sanctuary, asylum, retreat, shelter, haven, hideaway. Refuge in Flanders, Belgium by Wim Goes Architectuur.

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A cottage garden

I plan to lose myself in gardening this weekend. I certainly won't be able to lose myself in the garden. It needs so much work. I drawing inspiration from this casual garden in Ingleside, Sydney by landscape architect, author and TV host Brendan Moar. Casual but carefully planned. Low on maintenance and high on style. Is it wrong to want a fire pit so much more than a barbecue in the land of the shrimp on the barbie? A little bit cottage, a little bit native, a bit shabby chic. Perfect fit for my old house.

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