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Down at the end of the garden ...

... is a very special place. Where fantasy and folly meet greenery and stone. Old sits with new made old and cool breezes ruffle scented foliage. In the heat of the day blue water beckons and secret garden rooms are filled with forgotten treasures. Michael Trapp travels the world to find antiques and architectural fragments to weave his magic at the bottom of a very special garden.


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Spirit Level

I was following the links to our co-contributors on the Inside Out piece and found beautiful gardens designed by Spirit Level Designs, a Sydney based landscape firm of architects, designers, artists, horticulturists and stone masons. What wonderful lush spaces. I love the use of stone and the layering of textures and shapes. These are gardens you want to wander into, to become part of the landscape, to belong. I wish the images on their website were just a little larger so their lush green beauty would jump out of the screen a bit more. Still I have no trouble imagining myself brushing against the leaves by the path or hearing the soft tinkle of water features. Lovely.

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Greenart Gardens

It's warming up for our northern hemisphere readers so it's a perfect time for a little garden inspiration. Australian landscape design firm Greenart Gardens does just that. Wonderful outdoor rooms and gorgeous greenery. I don't think I'd want to come back inside with garden spaces like these.


Weekend flashback

What a beautiful day it is here today! I love this time of year (early autumn in Australia). Perfect for a little retro al fresco inspiration. If only my outdoor area looked as good as these retrolicious beauties. Hard to believe they are almost 40 years old! Scanned from The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement, Vol 13, Meredith Corporation, New York, 1971. Hope your weekend is exactly what you're wishing for.

P.S. Where's WINKS? I hope you'll forgive me but I'm using my weekend time to work on the 4 mega reading guides for Easter. Dozens and dozens of blogs to explore! Back to work. I'm half way through list number 2.


Elections, thrifting and garden gurus

It's Saturday. Election day in my home state of Queensland. Don't know the results yet as polls haven't closed. Up early. Vote. Trawl the thrift stores, couple of house inspections (still looking, very jaded by now) and I'm exhausted. Settle in to write WINKS when I visit a site sent to us and my spirits lift. Knibb design gardens that speak to your heart. Flowing hills of grass, sweet little shell details dotting gravel paths, garden rooms and garden getaways. Think rolling hills and clipped grass, meadows and ponds. So here's a very abridged version of WINKS. With spring sprung in the Northern Hemisphere maybe this is just the inspiration to start thinking about the garden.

Knibb Design have opened a new showroom with CL Sterling & Son in Venice, California which is what started me on this garden adventure. An invitation to the opening lead me to garden gurus and gorgeous lighting. Here are just a few examples.