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Blue and green

Nobody quite does saturated colour as well as French antique dealer Florence Lopez.


Like swimming in the sea

Floor to ceiling sea green tiles. A shaft of light from above. Like swimming underwater. Love! Bathroom in Kate's House by Bower Architecture.


A delightful kitchen

OMG I love this kitchen! Designed by talented Senalee Kapelevich of SVK Interior Design, this space is dreamy - creamy walls,  white cabinets offset by black countertops for a little oomph, fresh mint green accents and raw wood island top and shelving. It is perfection, and I just want to eat it up...and maybe even cook! :)

(I featured another of Senalee's projects here)


A villa with a tropical vibe

Unlike Jo I couldn't live further from the tropics, but what better way to bring the tropics indoors than some green walls and huge plants. This home definitively evokes a tropical vibe within a modern shell. I have plant and dining table envy. Interior design by Roelfien Vos

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The Kettle Black

I'd say let's meet for brunch tomorrow morning but I think the wait for a table may cruel the hipster experience. Looks so cool though and the reviews have been good. The Kettle Black in South Melbourne. It's apple minty green, marble, wood and hints of gold goodness elevates it above the usual grunge coffee/cafe experience. Delicious design by Studio You Me.

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