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A pretty kitchen by Caitlin Wilson

I don't typically use an adjective like 'pretty' to describe a kitchen but it's the first word that came to mind when I saw this space designed by San Francisco and Portland based Caitlin Wilson. Marble subway tile, mostly white cabinets, brass, pastel accents...I can't help it. SO PRETTY! 

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A Victorian Arts and Crafts home in London

I have fallen in love with this stunning Victorian Arts and Crafts style location home in London. 6,000 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, lots of period features, the kitchen of my dreams (all 700 sq ft of it!), fireplaces in what seems like every room....I can't imagine having so much space to decorate. I started with photos of the kitchen because you cannot miss this. Dreamy!!! Via Shoot Factory.

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A New York farmhouse by Kara Mann

Kara Mann - always a bit ballsy, and bit dramatic, a bit of glam...even when designing a farmhouse. A little something unexpected here and there that always catches my eye and makes me admire her style that much more. She painted the beautiful floorboards in the kitchen black, and to that I say HELLS YEAH!!! 

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Playing favourites

We try not to play favourites here on Desire to Inspire but sometimes we just have to fess up. There will always be a special spot in our design hearts for those who are ahead of the pack, who repeatedly create homes where every room goes straight into our inspiration files, where we would move in in a heart beat. Jessica Helgerson and her team are such designers. Just look at this 1920's Portland home with its soft and muted colour palette and a modern, fresh fitout that respects the history of the house. Actually I'd be happy to just live in the kitchen a la Cinderella. Neely House by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

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A modern....farmhouse

We have featured many modern farmhouses on the blog over the years, and according to Anthony Michael this is such a dwelling... but this may be the least farmhouse-y home we have ever featured. Not one bit of reclaimed wood to be had! I am not sure what part of it constitutes a farmhouse but I frankly don't really care because it is beautiful and I love the kitchen - especially that pretty backsplash. 

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