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 I haven't been able to leave interior designer Mark Lewis' website because I love everything. It's like I'm lost in the pages. Don't send a search party though. I'm very very happy in here.


Have we got everything?

Got a good book? Packed your hat? We might do some walking. Definitely the markets. We should be able to pick up some great fresh produce on the drive there so just pack some basics. I plan to cook up a storm in that kitchen. And some really good bath salts. Soaking for an obsecene amount of time is plan B. OK. I think we're ready. Love a weekend away in the country and nothing is more perfect than an historic house and a lush garden setting. Aghadoe Estate, Springmount, Victoria.

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Sweet ...

... dreams. Definitely when at one end of the master suite you're floating on a cloud ...

... and the other end is all tree canopy and fabulous funk. By Ana Lowengart. And then there's the kitchen ...

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Down the laneway

Fat dogs and squealing, happy kids. The perfect kitchen accessories. Northcote Laneway House. Great family space designed by small Melbourne based firm Architected. Real living, real spaces, get real design.

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I need this space

Like a sunbeam tracking across a floor. Like birdsong breaking through the everyday white noise. Like a steaming cup of coffee and the time to savour it. I need this. By Southern Californian based SMID.

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