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Warehouse living in inner-city Sydney

I've always dreamed of warehouse living but this Surry Hills conversion by Josephine Hurley Architecture takes it to the next level. Those windows are to die for, the brick on fleek and the modern minimalism the perfect counterfoil to this historic industrial building.

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A gothic glam industrial loft

Glam + gothic + industrial + loft = this amazing space in Los Angeles by BAM Design Lab (Barbie Palomino & Annie May). This loft is super sexy and grungy with some of the coolest wallpapers I have ever seen. I could totally live here as my city pad and then have a house in the country for all my lighter and brighter decor. Anyone else on the fence about all-over-tufted sofas? I love/hate/love/hate. But here it works so damn well. 

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Stalking a concept

I'm in Amsterdam stalking a development site. A raw shell, gutted, rough and ready with jackhammered walls and neon surveyor's marks ... and I love it. I've included the computer generated renderings of the proposed apartment but is it wrong of me to love the romance of the raw and turn my back on the slick and chic of the new? (OK, OK I'd like a better mattress and perhaps a bathroom and kitchen but don't dismiss my daydream out of hand.) You can see more here. Via DSTRCT.

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A conversion with endless potential

Though this home is not really furnished I had to share because I have been dreaming about living in a rough, industrial, loft-like home for at least the past 20 years. Nothing like this exists in Ottawa so I can keep dreaming but if someone has £1,995,000 and is looking for something in London to put your stamp on, scoop this one up! Never mind that it looks like rats were eating the kitchen cupboards, and the painted floorboards are a bit rough...this 3 bedroom, 2,000 sq ft over 4 floors conversion from furniture-restoration workshops built in 1905 has SUCH AMAZING BONES. AH MAH GAWD!!! Listing here via The Modern House.

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Stalking a live work loft in Amsterdam

I've always fantasized about living in any number of my favourite shops. Just curl up in the display bed after the door have closed for the day. Could you? Would you? Absolutely no problem moving into this Amsterdam loft space (a converted garage) with a stylish atelier at the front and an equally sensational living space at the back. Very public during business hours but a wall of vintage windows can be closed off to provide security if not privacy when needed. 230 sqm of bright, white and light loft for sale here.

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