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A grey and white loft apartment for sale in Stockholm

I have a thing for grey, and so I fell in love with this 119 m² loft apartment in Östermalm, Stockholm as soon as I spotted it. White walls make a beautiful backdrop for grey here with subtle accents in colours via plants, the beautiful rattan pendant and the dining chairs. Lovely! For sale via Lagerlings.  

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Flatiron Loft

At first I was drawn by the large windows. Then I realised they had be picked out in black paint to contrast with the grey walls only to have it dawn on me that it was grey plaster beautifully polished on those walls. Momentarily distracted by the black chandelier hanging from the ceiling my gaze settled on the wood floors. Speaking of floors did you see the floor tiles? Tiles? OMG the powder room and that kitchen and the archway with the cat. Stop it! That bathroom is outrageous. Flatiron loft by Frances Mildred.

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Studio Gild

Studio Gild is a Chicago-based interior design firm co-founded by Melissa BenhamJennie Bishop and Kristen Ekeland - a trio of women who are insanely talented. I pulled a random assortment of spaces from their portfolio and they all have a few things in common. They are sophisticated, unique, and dramatic. And I love it all!

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An industrial loft 

Because I will never tire of industrial lofts and seeing the different approaches people take with these very open spaces, here is one by one of my all-time favourite interior designers, Hubert Zandberg. Filled with a wide variety of antiques with a bit of a safari theme (warning: there is taxidermy and animal skulls for those who find this offensive please pass over this post), it's eclectic and unexpected. 


Loft love

Let's play a game. Close your eyes. Now imagine your perfect New York loft apartment. Open your eyes and voilà this is it isn't it? Well it is for me. Great Jones by Union Studio.

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