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Apartment on Leningradsky Prospekt

I wanted to share this apartment in Russia with you, because it is a wonderful example of modern, minimalist architecture done right in a small space. While fairly simple in its design, the black steel wall/windows is a DREAM, with white painted brick, concrete ceiling, sleek cabinetry and flooring, and the deep window sills all work so well together. I LOVE it....except maybe the hammock. I would prefer a sofa. :) Great job Crosby Studios!

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When old and new come together

I can't get enough of lofts...and this one is a really cool mix of fold and new. Located in Russia (or Latvia?) this 2 story apartment was renovated with ideas of keeping it minimalist and bright, and to show a contrast of eras while preserving the original features. The windows are incredible, and while the kitchen seems dark which would make me crazy, I really like the rest of the open layout. Via The Village.  

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Loft à Montmartre

A beautiful multilevel loft in a converted workshop in the heart of Montmartre. Large windows overlook the courtyard garden while allowing light to stream into the space. White walls play off old oak floors and the level changes accommodate bedroom, living and kitchen dining areas.  The industrial look of the old building is retained but modernised. This project was realised in 2008 and the photos appear to show its early stage occupation, a little stark, a little empty, missing the personal touches. I would love to see it 7 years on as its owners have settled in and imprinted their lives on its old walls. Loft à Montmartre by Delphine Martin-Michaud of 2DESIGN.

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Maria Brito - a Long Island home 

Venezuelan Maria Gabriela Brito is an interior designer now based in New York City who pulls out all the stops and breaks all the rules. Maria loves colour, patterns, and her number one standout is art. That is in fact one of her goals - to turn her clients into meaningful art collectors (more on that in the next post). Here is a home she designed in Long Island, NY. It is bold, lofty, quirky and really fun.  

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The element of surprise

I love the element of surprise in a space. A modern chair pulled up to a early 1900s wooden desk. A graphic piece of art hanging above granny's old rocker. A sleek glass dining table with an antique brass chandelier hanging above. I laughed when I stumbled upon these photos. 

The loft space is heavenly but anyone with no sense of imagination would then fill it top to bottom with industrial decor (ok, this is probably an ad for Restoration Hardware or something similar so they can get away with it). I'll forgive those responsible as I freaking LOVE those chesterfields and all that exposed brick.. (Photos by Scott Gabriel Morris)