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Working on a Sunday

Now this is the type of office I would be more than happy to work in. Especially when it has an equally fabulous coffee shop below it. Welcome to The Haas Collective in Cape Town South Africa. Haas (the Afrikaans word for "rabbit") was born from the wild ideas, passions and endless conversations of creative minds, Glenn Venter, Francois Irvine and Tess Berlein (and in 2012 Francois De Villiers joined). Their dream was to create a hub and an inspiring space where things of beauty could be featured in all shapes and sizes. But more than that, they wanted to give talented individuals a platform to showcase their work. However, what started out as a home of edgy collectables and one-of-a-kind, quirky art pieces (Haas Design) quickly leaped to Haus Coffee, as the demand for enjoying a cup of coffee, while savouring the beauty and energy of this unusual hub, grew. It didn't stop there though...It also naturally developed into Haas Advertising. Located in a heritage building, it took none months of gutting, unearthing original details and renovating to create this dreamy environment. Via Visi (details of the downstairs coffee shop here, details of the upstairs office here). 

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Working on a Saturday

The floors are candy pink! SHINY. CANDY. PINK. No need to drag me into work on a weekend if my office looked like this. Yum! The offices of NGRS Recruiting Company in Moscow by Crosby Studios.

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do epic shit.

So it's Friday at the office and you don't want to leave. SAY WHAT?!?! If this were my office I might have a hard time tearing myself away, even on a Friday afternoon. The Superette office, a completely gutted warehouse space where hard work is key, because you are "not here to fuck spiders", but to "do epic shit". Yeah, THAT'S RIGHT. Via homestyle, photos by Larnie Nicolson.



Look at those walls. Love! Imagine all the amazingly creative work you could achieve in your office if you were surrounded by so many other people's creative gems. From Apartment FS by Stuttgart-based architects Ippolito Fleitz Group.


Working on a Saturday

I was just going to pontificate about style and work and weekends like I usually do but the architects, Williams Burton Leopardi, describe this building in Kent Town, South Australia so much better than any glib badinage I could come up with.

The workplace today needs community, connection and inclusion. Base 64 is set up as a community of cohabitating businesses under the umbrella of former Internode chief Simon Hackett. Seen as a technology incubator, it eschews the short term excesses of a Silicon Valley “fun park” office for an emphasis on belonging, integration with the outdoors, rich, lush, tactile materials and a sense of comfort and well being. All this is underpinned by a strict environmental responsibility and adaptive re-use.

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