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Stalking ferro-cement organic

I never thought I would catch myself typing the words ferro-cement organic. Being of a certain age I have vague memories of chicken wire and concrete disasters lurking in under house games rooms or pseudo hippy hang outs. The type of weekend DIY that seemed like a good idea at the time until the sheer scope of the job overwhelmed the home owner. I blame it on Antoni Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright and Antti Lovag. The Hollander House, built in the late 60s early 70s by architect David Hollander, is no weekend hodge podge. Now recognised as a icon of Australian organic architecture its current interior designer owner has listed the house for sale with Modern House.  Part Fred Flintstone, part scifi, all retrolicious you can read more of its history and design here. (Real estate listing also here while it lasts.)

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Casa Mollino

You have got to head over to All Items Loaded and check out the full story of this incredible home, Casa Mollino, in Turin. Here is a snippet:

A house should be a reflection of both the essential and what is really important to you. If that is the case, good luck with deciphering the home of Italian designer Carlo Mollino (1905-1973 Turin). The apartment located in a picturesque two-story 18th century villa on the Po River, was never his actual home. He simply never lived there. Mollino designed the rooms from 1960 through to 1968 as a lavish and intricate settings for one of his more obsessive photographic interests, female portraits to create an inexplicable, vast collection of erotica.

(Text: Magali Elali Photography: Bart Kiggen)


Bring on the retro funk

Need a little pick me up? This home ought to help! It's retro all the way, with some names like Platner and Saarinen to keep the classics alive. Colour, pattern, light fixtures that completely rock my world. There is even a bit of a zoo with peacocks and jaguars! This is the Madrid home of interior designer Mariam Alia of Living Pink (via Nuevo Estilo).  

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Stalking the 70s 40 years on

First home buying in Australian capital cities can sometimes mean sad, down at heels 70s apartments (or 60s or 80s ... you know what I mean). Cheap and often larger than their modern counterparts the temptation is to paint, change the flooring, slap up some white tiles in the bathroom and figure out how to fit in an IKEA kitchen. Not in this case. Here's how you bring the 70s right up to date. Not your everyday cookie cutter first apartment. Stalking a funky pad in Armadale, Melbourne. Link here while it lasts.

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60s modern

Carnsworth House, a classic mid century house revived by Jackson Clements Burrows. A 1960's vibe with a modern twist with an interior that is family friendly and stylishly functional. I bet it didn't look good the first time round ;)

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