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Stalking a concept

I'm in Amsterdam stalking a development site. A raw shell, gutted, rough and ready with jackhammered walls and neon surveyor's marks ... and I love it. I've included the computer generated renderings of the proposed apartment but is it wrong of me to love the romance of the raw and turn my back on the slick and chic of the new? (OK, OK I'd like a better mattress and perhaps a bathroom and kitchen but don't dismiss my daydream out of hand.) You can see more here. Via DSTRCT.

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Old and new in a farmhouse location home

Dream house alert!!! A mix of old and new architecture with modern and vintage furnishings is pretty much my ideal situation. Add in a picturesque country setting and I can have my bags and cats packed up in 5 minutes. This location home outside London is available through Shoot Factory, and I could not be more smitten. 

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Modern farmhouse style in a California home

This California home by RailiCA design is a trendy take on modern farmhouse style. You've got some modern graphic tile, statement murals, rustic and industrial elements all joined together for a really fun and inviting vibe. HELLO!!!

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A rustic ranch in Montana

Fall makes me think of cozying up by a fire, dark earthy colours, wood cabins and luxurious velvets. Fall is taking its time to really set in here in Ottawa which is fine by me given my hatred for cold weather, but I thought it was a good time to feature this home, and get all our dear readers who are heading into winter to start thinking about cozying things up at home. Another lovely project by Peace Design.

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Rustic elegance by Jaimee Rose

A dose of southern charm in this somewhat rustic but very much sophisticated and elegant home designed by Arizona-based interior designer Jaimee Rose. I am dying over those striped painted floors above. If you have a pantry, do something bold such as wallpaper like Jaimee did here. Have fun where you'd least expect it. Now back to those floors...this could be interesting in my guest bedroom...

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