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A colourful jigsaw of a shop

Like a giant puzzle box this compact tea shop by Brazilian architect Alan Chu unfolds its colour blocks to reveal its wares. Compact with impact. So clever.

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Welcome to winter

After a long hot summer I love the promise of winter. Cozy, toasty, warm. Fresh, invigorating, just a little raw. And I'm loving the new winter range from Freedom. Three unique stories. New Nordic with its cheeky disrespect for dreary, short winter days. It's pastel, light and fresh. The Bowery is moody and industrial. New and old. The third is Native Terrain, a celebration of Australian flora and raw timber. Freedom's new winter range launches today and you can check out the catalogue with styling by Vanessa Coyler Tay here.

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Living in the catalogue

OK so you all know I fantasise about living in a shop, creeping out of my hiding place after closing time. Well the same goes for living in a catalogue or in these days of the interwebs living in an online shop. I can just see me now. A virtual bag lady pushing my shopping cart from category to category in a virtual retail wonderland, looking for a place to rest. I'd definitely put my virtual feet up in these amazing product shots for Couleur Locale. Yes please! A girl can daydream.

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The interior designer and the tailor

A match made in heaven. The Paddington, Sydney showroom of tailor Patrick Johnson by his interior designer wife Tamsin Johnson. You know that fantasy I have about hiding in a shop until after closing time then sneaking out and pretending said shop is my home? So finding a hiding place here!

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More from The Loft

Actually that should read "First from The Loft".The pop up shop as dream home in the previous post was actually The Loft's second installation. Here is their first, a summer version, from mid last year. Equally fab but you'll have to admit that a building's amazing bones (like version 2 below) make for an even more amazing experience.

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