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Happy birthday Kim! I bought you a house.

Just kidding ... about the house that is ... and your birthday is the 24th and I'm a day late but nice house eh? Historic stables with modern extension in East Melbourne. Just a few hundred meters and you are in the CBD of Melbourne, one of the most amazing cities in the world. Bluestone, brick, timber, steel and glass. Yum! Needs a little touch of Kim style here and there (ditch that wallpaper, move in your new leather sofa and please do something with that bedroom) but the bones are fabulous. Happy belated birthday buddy!

P.S. If someone really does want to buy this house for Kim you can find it for sale here.

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TaC Studio

Light, space and views on a small infill lot in Atlanta, Georgia. Simple levels of living climb up and down to provide a home big on style and small in footprint. With the kitchen as the hub architects Cara Cummins and Jose Tavel of TaC Studios have placed entertaining and family gatherings at the heart of this home. A contemporary aesthetic with colour, texture and art bringing the rooms to life. Love the staircase with its handwritten journey.

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Hello Mr Waller

Me again. I must admit I made a bit of a fool of myself gushing on last time. Just wanted to tell you how much I love this 1880 Victorian terrace renovation. The juxtaposition of old and contemporary, the original staircase and the vertical panels of frameless glass. The clean modern lines, the crisp joinery against old floor boards. It's here and now and harks back to then. It's memories past and new memories to be made. That's all. Just a little note. Thanks and take care.

Paddington Terrace by Andrew Waller of Mr Waller.

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Stairs for Kim

Kim is hoping to start her new home in the coming year. She has been gathering ideas for months (actually that is probably years) and I have been equally guilty of bookmarking pages and saving files. Today I came across these stairs while real estate stalking. The moment I saw them I thought "Kim's new home". And if she doesn't like them I'm sure there is someone out there who will. You can see the rest of the house here.


2kul Interior Design

Polish design is centre stage again. The creative scene in this country is hot hot hot at the moment. Case in point this stunning private home by 2kul Interior Design. mixes the right on trend black and white with layers of natural finishes, rough luxe and texture and revs it up a notch with an amazing industrial effect balustrading to the staircase. It's a clever mix of old and new and the perfect hard edged modern foil to a softened, almost shabby meets scandi vibe.

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