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Love the low bookshelves framing the dining table.

Love this neutral, pretty bedroom.

Love this staircase/desk/shelving.
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Bijou brilliant

First admired on Remodelista (still my number one go to blog) this elegant space saving loft bed solution by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture is only surpassed by the actual project.  The loft bed image led me to this bijou studio/workspace that is not only beautiful in its simplicity but inspiring in its spatial solutions to small scale living. Brilliant. (Those ingenious stairs remind me a little of these.)

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Under the stairs

Such a sweet little nook using an often overlooked space. Found while real estate stalking.


Focal point staircase

When you've got a staircase that is a focal point, in this case it descends right in the middle of an open plan apartment, it's worth making it special. This apartment in Budapest is the home to a young and creative family with 2 children. The stairs form a divider between the living room and kitchen/dining room and architect Biljana Jovanovic was given the task to make it a playful. Because the stairs had to be steep (not ideal when there are children involved), Biljana angled each step to provide more surface area. I think these are alot of fun and such a clever way to turn something that could be so generic into the main attraction. (Full story here, photographed by Gerardo Altemir)

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Loft love

Spirally into love here folks. Love the open space, the white mixed with wood and black. Rustic and modern and all tied together with one sexy black spiral staircase. Clever sliding walls define the children's sleeping areas. The Crosstown Loft by Campos Leckie Studio based in Vancouver, Canada.

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