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Evoke International Design

In honour of it being Canada Day I thought I'd feature Canadian talent in today's post. David Nicolay and Robert Edmonds are Vancouver's Evoke International Design who dabble in conceptual thinking, spacial and interior design and graphic design for restaurant, retail and entertainment design and branding; residential and corporate office design. They have a few residential projects under their belt that are modern and sleek, and gorgeous inside and out. I particularly love their creativity with staircases. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!

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The chalet

A little escape to Switzerland to this chalet by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabbrielle Hächler Architects. Concrete, plywood and views from the beanbags. A minimalist, modern twist on the traditional. Love the staircase and its storage. Love the reinterpretation of the historic vernacular.

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Tale of two kitchens

It's all in the details. Two stylish kitchens by Workstead. The first defined by tailored cabinetry with highlights of rich timber and brass accents. The second plays with ideas of storage . Beautiful timber boxes tumble across the kitchen walls while kitchen cabinets are rich and warm but still subtle in their finish. Not your everyday high gloss, over designed McMansion kitchens. Simple, restrained, delicate.

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Bookcase ladder

Cool bookcase from Brooklyn based architects and designers Workstead. A ladder that reaches to an operable skylight forms part of the bookcase structure.


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