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Stalking Redfern

Second stalking for today. A delightful terrace in Redfern in inner city Sydney. You can tell I have a soft spot for the inner suburbs of the harbour city. The house is once again unassuming from the street but bright, fun and fresh inside. Favourites? The exposed brick in the dining room, the bathroom and the view down the staircase. What I really want is a cup of tea at that dining room table ... and a good gossip with the owner. Link here while it lasts.

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Apartment as sculpture

When is an apartment more than shelter, more than home? When it is art. The sculptural form of this loft apartment in West Melbourne by Adrian Amore Architects blurs the line between habitation and installation. Curvaceous and twisting, the staircase leads to first the sleeping level then rises to the rooftop terrace.

(P.S. You may recognise the space from my real estate stalking here.)

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Climb the stairs ...

I love this photo by David Prince. Makes me want to run up and down those stairs. Makes me want to sit secretly in the chair, swinging my feet waiting to jump out and cry "boo" at who ever happens on down. If I tell the truth it really makes me want that runner!


In a spin

My imagination is spirally out of control. What an amazing image! What an amazing staircase! Photography by Mel Yates.


The old vicarage

"Tom just shook his head when I painted the entry hall. The kids tell everyone mummy ran out of purple paint. It's not purple by the way. It's Evening Shadow." I'd barely crossed the threshold and I knew I was going to like her. "Come into the kitchen. Don't mind the mess." If she only knew what my kitchen looked like! I could hear small feet thumping up the stairs and stomping across the floor above. "Don't worry. They're just acting out because I told them to be good while you were here. They'll be down and sweat as pie when they know there is cake." She turned around and smiled, placing a slightly lopsided carrot cake on the table. "How long have you lived here?" I asked. "Feels like forever. It's only been three years. Tea?"

Making up stories again to match this wonderful old vicarage from jj LOCATIONS.

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