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Focal point staircase

When you've got a staircase that is a focal point, in this case it descends right in the middle of an open plan apartment, it's worth making it special. This apartment in Budapest is the home to a young and creative family with 2 children. The stairs form a divider between the living room and kitchen/dining room and architect Biljana Jovanovic was given the task to make it a playful. Because the stairs had to be steep (not ideal when there are children involved), Biljana angled each step to provide more surface area. I think these are alot of fun and such a clever way to turn something that could be so generic into the main attraction. (Full story here, photographed by Gerardo Altemir)

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Loft love

Spirally into love here folks. Love the open space, the white mixed with wood and black. Rustic and modern and all tied together with one sexy black spiral staircase. Clever sliding walls define the children's sleeping areas. The Crosstown Loft by Campos Leckie Studio based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Reader request - stairs

Today's reader request comes from Anna of from bali with love: "I have a question maybe you and your readers can help me with. I plan to renovate a one story house to a two story house. The front door/main floor opens into the living area (rectangular shape). I'm thinking the living space is the best place to add the staircase to go to the second level but I'm having a hard time deciding what type of stairs to use and a good location for them? By the front window/door? Along the long wall on right side of room? etc?  Ideas, pictures, advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!" My initial thought is to place the stairs by the front window/door. That way all that stuff that will take up space will be in one location and the rest of the space will be free. I went digging through my photo stash and found all sorts of ideas that may help - although I didn't find too many photos that clearly showed stairs situated in a living room. But I think these will help....and thank gawd stairs aren't quite as boring as they used to be!

John Donkin Andrej Kopac
Sköna hem Paul Cha
David Mikhail Décormag
Indenfor & Udenfor Hus & Hem
Evan Joseph Sköna hem


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Reader request - stair runners

This reader request comes from Melinda: "My partner and I are renovating our 130 year old semi in Sydney, he wants carpet on the stairs (because apparently I 'clunk'... which to be perfectly honest I do) and I want to stain the original timber. I'm thinking a stair runner may be the perfect compromise. I would be very much appreciative if you could dig into your amazing picture resources for stair runners." Here are some photos of inspirational stair runners for you Melinda, the first being my absolute favourite EVAH. (A bunch more are after the jump).

Bill Kingston

Frank Roop Amanda Martocchio
Lucyina Moodie Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
Country Living Kwinter & Company
House Beautiful New York Spaces Magazine
Living Etc. Steven Gambrel
House & Home Design*Sponge

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At Kim's house

Things are a little nutty at my house, as I'm trying to get some projects finished before the kitchen renovation work needs to start. I had 2 things I was determined to complete, the renovation of my staircase to the second floor, and my basement.

I took Friday off from work to start the stairs and I managed to get them pretty much done. A couple paint touch ups and a few nail holes left to fill but I am too tired to finish it. I thought I'd show some before photos first so you can see what I've been living with since December. This first photo is what the stairs looked like for about a month after I moved in.

I ripped the carpeting off because it was so dirty (from moving in a snowstorm) and not installed properly - I almost took a tumble down them a few times. This is the horror that was underneath. Linoleum tiles, aluminum trim and lots of paint splotches.

I am dying to paint all the floors in my house white, so the stairs were no exception. I painted them white, and the staircase is now so much brighter than it was. Now if I could just figure out how to get them to clean themselves...

Here is why I am too tired to finish the stairs. Below are photos of the remnants of what was on the floor in my damp and leaky basement (there's more that has to come out but I'm too tired and need help with the rest). I am so pissed off that someone was stupid enough to decide to hide leaks by putting down layer upon layer of plywood on a damp floor. The smell once the top layer of linoleum was removed was so disgusting. The wood in some places was BLACK and crumbly. I am afraid my cats and I will get sick from the mold. I wore a mask while I was working down there but the smell was so bad I can still smell it, and I feel kind of nauseous. There are alot of annoying and poorly executed things I keep finding around this house, but this one definitively tops the list of bad judgement.