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Old world meets charming in this Victorian

What? Another London Victorian? I just can't help myself, the details of these homes always leave me craving more. Gently revived and refined, enhancing period features and the fine craftmanship of the era. This was the original builders house on a street of speculative Victorian terraces. Located in an area that had been respectable, then shabby, meant a house that was blessed with most original features intact but worn. Carefully redesigned to bring more light in where possible, but with the design emphasis on thoughtful details and the use of skilled craftsmen, rather than large design statements. It made for a calm and welcoming home, with natural flow and creative energy. By Cassandra Ellis. (For more of her work see here and here)

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Those Londoners and their Victorians

This Victorian home located in Streatham, South West London is an absolute dream. The fireplaces, original moldings and plasterwork, the painted wooden floorboards, the shutters....all of these details give me heart palpitations. I am a bit disappointed about the modern kitchen = something more in keeping with the period of the house would have been much more pleasing to the eye. But I'll forgive the homeowners because OMG this home has a summerhouse in the backyard. !!!!! Via jj Locations

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Victorian modern 

When Victorian and modern come together in one home to create something pretty awesome. To be frank, I am so in love with all the woodwork in the old part of the house I could not care less what is going on in the rest. I mean, look at the photo above! AH MAH GAWD!!! Interior design by Fern Santini, architecture by Mell Lawrence Architects

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French shabby chic in a British Victorian

There is something so dreamy and magical about this home. it brings together French and shabby chic with a plethora of textures and patterns and aged patinas and sparkle and glamour. if I walked through the front door of this home I could wander around for hours running my hands over fabrics, admiring each nook and cranny and not wanting to miss a thing. An early Victorian flat fronted semi detached house in Hackney, London, available as a location home via jj Locations

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An eclectic Victorian home in South Africa

When an interior designer in South Africa gets to finally purchase and design his own home, you know he's going to go a little wild and push some boundaries. This 100+ year old Victorian in Robertson, a town in the Western Cape province of South Africa, is everything it should be, thanks to the talent and audacity of Etienne Hanekom. Bold, eclectic and fun. I absolutely love everything about this home (minus the mounted taxidermy), especially the mix of classic and modern, and dark colour palette. Via VISI, photos by Jac de Villiers

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