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The art of the vignette / shelfie

Anyone can throw together a bunch of knick knacks and call it a vignette or shelfie. I personally feel it takes talent to pull it off and not want to change a thing. Like this beautiful armoire styled by interior designer Nora Schneider


Kim's favourite vignettes of 2015


New trend for 2016?

Pink flamingos....possibly the new big design trend for 2016? I'm all for it! As much as I would like to take the credit for this one, I have to give it to Hubert Zandberg.


Decorating fireplace mantels

Location 78

I finally have a fireplace again in my living room (I had one 2 houses ago) and this time it is beautiful, a centrepiece of the room with a mantel deep enough to display pretty much anything. As seen in my last post of the space, I had stuck some off-white West German vases on it with all the dried flowers I had around, my Vladimir Tretchikoff Green Lady print I unpacked from my art stash in the basement and some little ornaments I picked up in Puerto Vallarta I have not figured out where to hang yet. I thought over the weekend that maybe it was about time to think about redoing this set-up...and I could not really come up with anything. Time for a fireplace mantel round-up for inspiration! Here are a bunch of mantels I found all over the internet that I really like. Especially the one above. :-)

The Socialite Family

Hans Mossel



Tommy Smythe - Michael Graydon

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The three Bs

Bench, books, branches ... simply perfect. By Katie Martinez Design.