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My newly painted living room - part 1

It is finally time to reveal my now very dark living room. This freaking room took me FOUR weekends to complete. What a pain in the arse. And I didn't even sand the trim like I should have. The result is pretty dramatic and I absolutely 100% love it. Farrow and Ball's downpipe is the most beautiful colour I have ever used and it exceeded my expectations. I used it in estate emulsion (flat) on the walls, full gloss for all of the trim and I used plummett in estate emulsion on the ceiling. I wanted to go with downpipe on the ceiling too but my husband was already losing it over the choice of such a dark wall colour so I caved. They are the perfect combination though as both have hints of green. 
I took tons of photos so I thought I would split this post into 2. This post focuses on one side of the rather long space, where my workspace is located. And I should point out that aside from buying a new desk (my previous one was rickety and too small) everything in this room is from my previous home, so it's a bit of a work in progress although all the major pieces are staying. (And note that I have alot to learn on photographing such a dark space. It's so tricky!!!)


The photo above is the view from the foyer. TV watching/hangout area is to the left of the fireplace (the next post).

I have rugs all over the floor because the terrible orange/yellow stain on the hardwood makes me pukey. The cowhide needs to be replaced with something darker. 

Oh - how about a before shot for impact...

Better now? I would say so!

Conveniently, the curtains I bought at Ikea when we first moved in turned out to be almost identical to the wall colour. I came across the desk on my last trip to Ikea (it's the Alex) - I wasn't really looking to buy a desk there but it was too perfect in style and size and there's that same grey again! I liked the idea of going monochromatic in the space. The table in the corner was found at an antique shop in Almonte a few weeks ago. I haven't figured out what colour to paint it yet. I think it needs a touch of fluro pink. 

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A home + studio on Orcas Island

The folks of Seattle architecture firm atelier drome shared with us this incredible home they designed. Located on Orcas Island (just north of Seattle), it was created for their artist client as a home and serve as a quiet retreat, disciplined working environment, and with low energy needs, all within a strict budget. The main house is essentially one large space divided by a utility cube - the kitchen, bath, and pantries. The living space is on one side of the cube, the bedroom on the other. On the west side of the space, floor to ceiling glass doors create slices of views across the archipelago. The east side has small high windows to create summer ventilation and morning light in winter. The studio is also composed of a large space divided by a utility core. However, here the focus is decidedly inward with no windows. A skylight filled vaulted ceiling keeps the space bright and light filled. Could I ever get my art on in this gorgeous space!! 

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Working on a Saturday

You've heard me lament before about working on a weekend. It's still true that I'd be a lot happier if I could spend the day in a work place as stylish as this. The joy of joinery. Plywood pleasure. Shiver. Mil Constructions' warehouse, workshop and office by Doherty Design Studio.

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The office of Future Deluxe

We received this email from Bella last week: It's our fifth birthday at FutureDeluxe and to celebrate we're launching a series of new projects and we wanted to give you an early heads up. We've got a new brand identity, a bespoke launch film (the first of five!), a new website, and a brand new London studio. We thought you might be particularly interested in our new studio. It's a brand new space on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch, designed in partnership with 44th hill and features bespoke artwork by light artist Andy Doig. Oh YES!!! This has all of my favourite elements in it - funky lighting, reclaimed wood, fun neon signs, and a wee bit of religious kitsch. Sweet office for these creative folks!

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The Craftsman Workshop

Yet another workspace that makes my cubicle look like a HOLE. The Craftsman Workshop is the latest design of  Bucharest’s architects Alexandru Calin and Vlad Draghescu. The workshop hosts the new office of a young and fast growing Romanian software company, Softescu in downtown Bacau, Romania. If this place doesn't get these IT nerds' energy level up I don't know what will. :)

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