How to Make the Perfect bed for Perfect Sleep

Posted on Fri, 22 Nov 2019 by midcenturyjo


How the Quality of your Mattress Affects your Sleep

Your mattress and bedding determine the quality of your bed, which affects your sleep in return. Sleeping is essential for everyone to give rest to your body after a long day of work. Using the best mattress will improve the quality of your sleep by surrounding you with positive energy. An uncomfortable bed will lead to inadequate sleep that leads to stress build-up, depression, and other physiological problems in the long run. A quality mattress will relieve body aches and pain by providing uniform body support and ensuring healthy sleeping postures. The best mattress will support your spine, distributing weight evenly and while removing undue stress on body parts to minimize chronic aches and pain. It also prevents allergic risks which are caused by old mattresses that accumulate dust, body oils, and dead skins that are risky to people with sensitive skin and asthma. The right mattress will make a comfortable bed hence improve the general quality of life to give you better sleep that enhances your memory, performance, and productivity. When looking for a new mattress, consider the brand Casper. Casper deals with sleep products, both online and in retail locations, and deals with quality mattresses, pillows, and memory foam for better sleep. The famous sleep company has made a lot of sales and gained massive support from customers and celebrities all over and was considered best mattress in 2019 by Which?. Moreover, it ensures that your products get delivered in a box within four days and with a mattress, you get a 100-day trial. Visit their website to buy Casper’s memory foam mattress online to improve the quality of your sleep and make a comfortable bed. The level of comfort on you is determined by the type of mattress you are using, which relatively affects the quality of sleep. A mattress can impact a person’s rest according to Michael Decker, professor at Georgia state university “ideally, a mattress that reduces the pressure points on your body should give you a better night’s sleep.”

Improving your bed and Bedroom for Perfect Sleep

To get better sleep, you need to adjust the entire bedroom to create a pleasant sleeping environment. It all begins by finding the best mattress, of course, and cover it with cozy bed sheets, get a soft comforter, and firm pillows. Improve the smell of your bedroom by ventilating it adequately, and using preferred scents put some flower vessels on your desk too; there are various sleeping scents such as the Lavender. Keep your room with beautiful decorations like artwork, postcards from your friends, or even hang photos on the wall. Determine the theme color of your room, choose your favorite color, and match all linen. Keep the room as uncluttered as possible, and this will help to clear your mind boosting a happy mood. Organize your dresser, it improves the general appearance of your room, and adjust your window coverings to block excess light at night. Adjust the lighting; colored bulbs will bring an elegant look in your room. Reposition your bed, if your bedroom is spacious, consider moving the bed away from the wall to create a cozy environment and allow free air circulation. Cover your bedroom wall with tapestries; they will make the room beautiful and attractive to sleep. Add some patterned wallpapers to your door and furniture, dust off the surfaces, and wipe your electronics. You can also use a bed in a box riser to lift your bed to the desired height.

Tips to Improve your Sleep

Avoid consumption of caffeine late in the day for better rest, for it stimulates your nervous system and may stop your body from relaxing adequately at night. Optimize your bedroom environment, consider adjusting light, noise, and furniture arrangement, make sure your bedroom is clean and have a comfortable bed with a quality mattress. Exposure to light may make it harder to get better sleep; consider using room-darkening shades, earplugs, a fan, or other devices that suit your needs. Establish a sleeping pre-soothing routine like taking a bath, the rising and falling of body temperature as you bathe soothes you to sleep. You can also read a book, watch a program that will help you relax and sleep. Go to sleep when you are tired, and avoid having naps in between the day. Eat healthy meals a few hours before bed; avoid food that could lead to indigestion. Pay attention to what you eat to avoid heavy snacks and too many drinks. Stick to a sleeping schedule of the same bedtime and waking up hours to regulate your body’s sleeping habits. Exercise regularly to improve your sleep, the task will reduce symptoms of insomnia, by speeding up your metabolism, elevating body temperatures, and stimulating cortisol hormones.

Making your bed to Enhance sleep

Change your beddings often, and select high-quality linens. Synthetic materials have a tendency to trap heat, making your sleep to be uncomfortable, cotton materials have better reviews. Make sure you clean your sheets before putting them on your bed, use seasonal beddings to maximize warmth during cold seasons, and reduce heat on hot nights. Buy new linens and replace the old ones after a considerable period. Choose single-ply sheets which are softer and are likely to last longer than double-ply threads. Give your bed a neutral foundation, avoid including too many colors and patterns on your bed. A bed will look great with a big fluffy duvet that is layered but avoid the cumbersome covers that are difficult to tuck. To make your bed comfortable, invest in good pillows. Casper’s, which were mentioned at the beginning f this article, are meant to keep your spine in a neutral position by aligning your neck with the rest of the body for a good posture. Sleeping on a comfortable pillow will also alienate neck pains. A well-made bed will set a relaxed sleeping mood that makes it easier to fall asleep; an untidy room with untucked sheets can cause stress and anxiety that keeps you up at night. It also makes sleeping easier since a made bed will lift your mood and lighten your emotions, and even makes you feel happier. A made bed looks cleaner; thus, it will make you feel better at the end of a long day.


Quality sleep is essential in every person’s life to Increase body health, productivity, and general appearance. The quality of sleep is determined by various factors like the type of beddings. Adjust the conditions of your bedroom and add a bed in a box to enhance comfort. The qualities of better sleep are taking little time to sleep, not waking up more than once during the night and restful sleep. You can also buy a memory foam mattress, a luxurious type of bed that responds to heat changes by shaping itself around your body and is among the best mattresses in the UK. Good sleep is associated with various benefits like spurring creativity. It consolidates memories by making them stronger and reorganizing them, which may improve your creativity. It also helps in maintaining a healthy weight, according to researchers at the University of Chicago, who found out that dieters who had a quality sleep lost more fat than those who got deprived of sleep.

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