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Chesterfield makeover

Posted on Fri, 16 Jan 2009 by KiM

Georgia wrote looking for some inspiration for a project: “I have inherited and begun to restore a lovely old chesterfield couch belonging to a recently deceased great uncle. It’s a labour of love and I want to love it and pass it on after me. Do you have any images of restored chesterfields? I think I want to step away from that men’s club vibe and modernise it somehow with the covering… any input would be amazing. I think I’m heading away from tufting though, in an effort to modernise and simplify (the upholsterer gave me the biggest smile when i decided this, less work for him). I’m not having much luck locating images of nice revamped chesterfields (leather or otherwise) without the tufting… do you know of any?”

Now I don’t have a photo of Georgia’s chesterfield, but the photo below is what I always envision when I hear the word chesterfield. Leather, black (or brown) with thick rounded arms and lots of tufting in the back.

Mikkel Vang

I was a bit disappointed I’ve got to say that she may forgo the tufting, because I think the tufting is the best part, but if it means keeping your upholsterer happy and your wallet a bit thicker… Anyway, it was difficult finding photos pf chesterfields without tufting, so below I’ve included a wide variety of photos to inspire Georgia. Some aren’t quite chesterfields but they have fabulous upholstery, and some are tufted but you’ll just have to imagine the upholstery without the tufting. I am envisioning velvet, maybe charcoal grey for it’s versatility since this is going to be a piece passed along. I do have to say that the first one below has to be one of the most incredible chesterfield-like sofas I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure about the lavender but the unfinished style is totally knock-your-socks-off drop-dead gorgeous.

Angus McRitchie Lucinda Symons
Sean Myers Domino
Suzy Hoodless The Rug Company
elledeco Joe Schmelzer

Coffee table conundrum

Posted on Mon, 30 Jun 2008 by KiM

A reader wrote in wondering what to do for a coffee table and has a couple requirements – she doesn’t want 2 smaller tables and her other half doesn’t want glass. I’ve been in the same predicament for several months now, and can’t seem to find anything suitable, although I will probably go for glass or acrylic since my room is so small. I think coffee tables are a perfect place to add a little bit of the unexpected – a bit of colour, a different style to the rest of the space, a bit of quirkiness….you can really do anything. Since our reader already has a blend of styles in her living room – a sofa (contemporary casual – Crate and Barrel-like), chairs (modern), side table (antique mahogany parlor table), and lamp (Tiffany-style), then why not spice things up? I am loving Moroccan tea tables at the moment as a great way to inject a little bit of ethnicity. Or perhaps something Asian flavoured? Below are a wide range of styles for some ideas.

Lynn Morgan Sköna hem
Sköna hem Ted Yarwood
Jack Levy Rebecca Bradley
Jay Jeffers Country Home
Jeff Herron Gaelle Le Boulicaut
Domino Domino
Fotene Design Location Works
Andrea Larsson Aero Studios
Robert Stilin Urban Spaces
Cabinet Jean Louis Deniot Homes & Gardens

Men and their leather couches

Posted on Thu, 1 May 2008 by KiM

Michele wrote in the other day looking for a bit of help: “After much negotiation (and compromise on my part) my husband got the leather couch of his dreams, but I am finding it hard to find inspiration on the web for how to decorate around a dark leather couch in order to make the room look fresh and light as opposed to looking like a men’s club or cigar lounge. Perhaps I am asking for too much. I noticed you don’t have a “Leather” category so I was wondering if I could give you a nudge because I could really use the help!”. Here is a photo Michele sent in which I was pretty relieved to see because at least the couch has clean lines.

I went through my photo stash and came up with some dark leather (and fabric) couches in living rooms that hopefully can provide inspiration to Michele and anyone else out there who was convinced by their significant other to jump on the leather couch bandwagon. I’m seeing a spicy colour on the wall behind the sofa, with jewel toned pillows, a beige with brown spotted cowhide rug and a mid-brown (teakish) wood coffee table, or glass. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

Jason Loucas Kelly Wearstler
Domino Homes & Gardens
Sköna hem Dixcot Locations
Annette English BNODesign
Burnham Design Tim Beddow
Zownir Locations House and Garden

Favourite living rooms

Posted on Wed, 26 Dec 2007 by KiM

Jo thought it would be a great idea to post our 12 favourite rooms. She posted hers here, and didn’t follow the 12 rule, and I’m not one to follow rules either. Plus, I am feeling guilty for all the posting Jo did while I was moving. So for the next few days I thought I would post my favourite rooms organized by room type. This one features living rooms.

Kenneth Brown Paul Costello

Grey living room

Posted on Wed, 21 Nov 2007 by KiM

Andrea of for me, for you emailed with a contribution to my grey post from the other day. Check out this glimpse into her home, complete with some mid-century classics THAT SHE FOUND ON CRAIGSLIST FOR $170 (FOR BOTH CHAIRS!!!). Everyone could use a little Cherner and Saarinen in their lives don’t you think?? (Thanks Andrea!)